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    The Cloud, 10 Years on… Continued

    Cloud software catches on

    It was more recently, following the 2008 crash, when larger companies decided to think about replacing their technology and downsizing some in-house services, that Cloud solutions and SaaS (online delivery of software) really came into play. Compared with the cost of replacing or updating purchased large, bulky and complicated software packages, newer more intuitive flexible programs based on monthly payments and easy contracts seemed to offer a smooth alternative with some nice added benefits.

    The way things are

    Today, Cloud services cover every aspect of business, but in many senses the way that it should be considered has changed. At the start of the Cloud revolution, many analysts believed that this setup offered a cheaper and faster alternative that would essentially be the same as their current IT setup. They foresaw that businesses would pay for their Cloud enabled server, and then manage all of their services in much the same way as they had in the past, perhaps with a few key updates. What they failed to realise was the scope of change and growth of technology.

    This is not a small issue, and it demands urgent attention. The scale of integration which will be needed for future Cloud services is enormous. Gartner predicts that 90% of company ERP setups (automation and integrated applications) will fail by 2018. This is because Cloud providers are not willing to invest money in integration, and software vendors are keen to sell larger self-hosted software packages.

    Cloud Solutions and Kevin James

    With worries about things like backups taking a back-seat in a far smaller and easier to manage role, and with integration development set to become a core focus within solutions, as well as making them better, faster and generally more effective at their jobs, today is an exciting time to get involved with a forward-thinking business solutions partner.

    • We offer a full end-to-end IT service for our customers. This means we analyse and outline the advantages and key considerations picking up specific Cloud solutions from trusted providers, effectively outsourcing monotonous or time-consuming jobs typically done in-house.
    • We can manage the full migration process, helping businesses of all sizes who are ready to make the move to fantastic new services with key benefits. These services are ready to use and easy to learn straight out of the box, however we do provide training if required.
    • Where a business is responsible for many solutions, we can make life simple. As a single point of contact, we can manage a variety of needs, offering remote support to ensure rapid problem solving, also overseeing integration and development patching as required.
    Test out a Cloud Solution first

    Recognising that many new businesses are joining the Cloud, we also offer free testing periods for services, and offer consultation to develop platforms for those who need a bespoke setup. More than that though, we offer a lasting partnership. We are a friendly face in a world of harsh competition. Our aim is quite simply to be honest, experienced, and always work in the best interest of our customers.

    Contact our Service Team  01268 627111 for more information or to setup a demonstration.

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