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    Toyota IT changes

    New Toyota IT Changes

    As many Toyota dealers will know by now, TGB are changing the way they support the dealer network from an IT perspective.

    Over the coming two years leading up to 2018, Toyota IT management is changing. Dealers will have to take on more responsibilities in managing and evolving their own IT infrastructures. Furthermore, the legacy V8 solution will be replaced by the latest offering from CDK, Drive.

    For many dealers, both large and small, this will mean that there will be a need to either employ new dedicated IT staff to assist with this management and migration or, following a more cost effective route, outsource their IT management to a provider who has proven experience in this area.

    Kevin James Ltd (KJL) are very proud to have been working with Steven Eagell Toyota for the past 6 months, helping them move away from central Toyota IT support. They have made this move to ensure this is transition as easy and hassle free as possible. It has also given us the opportunity to demonstrate the true benefits of an IT team which is dedicated to their needs.

    This change has been extremely important for them, and in turn has yielded some impressive results. Not only have we forged a strong relationship with the Toyota group itself, but the Steven Eagell end-users have seen substantial improvements to the way all their IT challenges are managed day-to-day. From rapid front-line user support and instant remote assistance, right through to the introduction of lasting fixes for older issues which have been swept under the carpet.

    Following this success, and considering that during this period we have become well versed at supporting and managing Toyota IT systems including V8, Toyota Central and all related systems. We are now looking to assist other Toyota dealerships through this period.


    Why are KJL perfect to help manage Toyota IT changes?

    KJL are not just an IT company who manage basic issues. We specialise in car Dealership operations, specifically managing the hardware, software and processes related to the Automotive industry. We have an 18 year relationship with CDK (formally Kerridge) and vast experience of the Rev 8 platform (which is being superseded by the Drive solution). These two relationships mean we are placed perfectly to assist with a smooth migration from V8 to Drive over the coming 18 to 24 months.

    For more information on how we can assist your business during this transition period, then please call our support team on 01268 627111. We can arrange a site visit to discuss how we can support and provide seamless integration into your business.


    “With nearly 20 years’ experience in the automotive sector, you can be assured we can help you to evolve your IT systems and infrastructure.”

    Kevin James – Managing Director, KJL

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