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    “We go out and meet people, and they are amazed – they want to be involved, because the industry has been crying out for it for such a long time. The solutions which are out there only do half the job – PROStruction does so much more, and we’ve already seen how much of a difference it can make.”

    Kevin James, MD, Kevin James Ltd (KJL)

    Biometric Scanners from ievo work in all temperatures, weather conditions and even through dirty fingers and latex gloves. This has made them the perfect scanner for the Construction Industry.

    The ievo Scanner and the Construction Industry

    Having worked in the Construction Industry for almost twelve years, when the new wave of advanced (and affordable) Biometric scanners was released worldwide, we knew the positive impact this would have on site security.


    We also recognised the potential this technology could have across the rest of the business, and – like everyone else – imagined the improvements which would follow. The update seemed to be a precursor to advances in Liability and Insurance; the creation of tamper-proof time-sheets and contractor billing sheets; the ability to perform real-time site rollcalls; and the migration from legacy payments systems onto a platform which actively improved operational efficiency. The path forwards seemed clear, and the UK market looked set to become a natural leader in modern Construction practices.

    The problem is, it never happened, at least not for smaller companies. The scanners were adopted, but the solutions which were available were bulky and expensive, designed to work only with large security gates, purchased via main contractor investment. Even then, the solutions that were had limited functionality and were not user friendly. For whatever reason, card entry became the norm, with security companies unwilling to design a tamper-proof system that tackled real challenges in the Construction market.

    The creation of PROStruction: Full Site Management


    Fourteen months ago we decided to start the development of PROStruction: a solution that would meet the core demands for both main contractor and sub-contractor companies. The aim was to focus on the areas which are currently difficult to manage, and take a proactive approach to make life easier: providing document checks and assurances; introducing an effective real-time project, site monitoring & projects platform; all linked with a robust and intelligent payments system.

    Recognising the full scope of demands, PROStruction uses ievo advanced scanning technology to drive a powerful payments and ID security engine, with direct Integration to the HMRC government gateway for UTR verifications and CIS300 monthly returns. This, connected with a Contractor Management tool, provides a path to secure records of all activity across the business, finally providing the informational tool which the Construction industry has needed for so long.

    This Projects Management suite would provide a bridge between front-of-house operations and back-of-house financial management. At the same time, all of these advances would be underwritten by our partner, ievo, who had developed a Biometric system which finally had the reliability to make the solution, as a whole, an exciting and revolutionary prospect

    PROStruction: The story so far


    Two years ago, we set out with a goal: to introduce an inclusive system which provided a clear path towards the future for the Construction Industry. This meant developing the foundation for companies to operate more successfully. We wanted to create a system which empowered companies to manage compliance and administrative needs, while delivering a well-designed payments and project management system which was fully auditable, with granular reporting for resolving any disputes quickly and efficiently.

    We believe this is the standard which needs to be set within the Construction market and are dedicated in helping the Industry achieve this level of success.

    This dream has become a reality, and is already changing the Construction Industry. Working with one of our oldest clients, OCL Facades, PROStruction is now active across London, working 24/7 to provide full control over their live sites.

    For us, this has been an incredible journey and a precursor to something we feel could be huge. Over the coming months and years we look forward to helping the UK construction industry protect its high standards, not only in building quality and Health & Safety, but in how best to create new digital practices which move the UK Construction Industry forwards, into the world of tomorrow.


    Providing a snapshot of PROStruction isn’t always easy, but we do offer live demonstrations of the and can answer any questions you may have directly, just give us a call on 01268 627111.

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