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    Why do User Moves take 2 days?

    One of our most common jobs at KJL is managing user accounts, especially setting up new workplaces for fresh starters. Unfortunately this task tends to be forgotten until the last minute, which can cause delays in getting people onto the system.

    In many cases Managers often think that setting up a new user is as simple as creating a computer login or purchasing hardware, when in fact there are a wide range of factors which need considering. These different elements are all rolled into a single process, known as a ‘User Move’, but each workstation and user account takes time to setup, configure and test before it can go live.

    While our customers, to a certain degree, all have separate systems and ways of operating, we have standardised a strict internal policy to ensure best practice. That means ensuring the highest levels of data security, user and workspace protection, and offering immediate access to all software required for that user to work effectively.

    What needs setting up?

    When new employees join the company, they should have access to the systems they need to work from the first minute. They should also have equipment which works effectively (is not old or faulty) and correct access to all of the computer systems.

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    User Account

    As an employee, users are responsible for the protection of private information held on computers. Of course there is some data, such as financial or sales statistics, should not be shared across the business. For the protection of operations and private data, user accounts contain different levels of access to different folders. This requires time to configure and may require complex setups depending on the user’s role (if non-standard).

    Port Security

    To ensure the highest levels of support, we secure our user networks with port security. Port Security means that machines will only work if they are plugged into a single connection (or network point) at a workplace. This means that if the machine is moved to another location in the office, it will need to be reconfigured before it can be used.

    Setting up port security requires testing the viability of connections at single workplaces (to make sure they have good network speed), then assigning the machine to that connection and setting up further layers of security to protect the business.

    Web Security

    To combat many new and unpredictable web threats, many of our customers use a powerful solution called Smoothwall, a central, dynamic web filter, and a Firewall to ensure their business is invulnerable to cyber-attacks or espionage.

    Smoothwall is configured to the type of user to setup permissions, but often this requires discussion with a line manager and taking into account any special considerations. This may include allowing exclusive access to specific websites or setting up company policies around social media usage (for instance only allowing access to certain sites during lunch hours).

    Device Setup and Data Moves

    In the case of setting up new devices for a workplace or changing the owner of existing machines, device setup can take time. Devices on our networks are configured quite specifically to reduce unnecessary data traffic, meaning the networks remain fast day-to-day.

    This means that user data is held locally and archived during the night. Data migration and setup can take time by itself, but the configuration of backup processes, and ensuring those backups have been properly tested, can take time to achieve. Archiving is also another part of this process, ensuring Line Managers have access to the user’s old files if required.


    To support our customers effectively, we have to know what software users require to fulfil their role. For many of our automotive customers this means Dealership Management Solution (DMS) logins and user accounts for access to manufacturer Portals (Central Access), but it also means setting up Microsoft products (such as Exchange or Office 365). All devices must also have anti-virus protection to be allowed onto the network.

    Additional Kit and Desktop Phone

    Often users have special requirements. These requirements not only need to be signed off by Line Managers or Purchasing Managers initially, but may also require time to purchase and install. This may include headsets, new screens, 4G dongles (if they are off-site) or specific equipment such as PDQ’s.

    New users may also require a desktop phone, which often needs setting up from factory settings – introducing call trees and directories.

    Help us out – please give us warning!

    Often user moves are the thing which are most underestimated. While they may seem like an easy thing to do, the behind the work scenes has a number of checks and controls to ensure a consistent and effective approach to security. In many cases the task can involve a number of different engineers and skillset to apply.

    We kindly ask that you please allow at least two days for user moves.


    all-devicesIn the past, companies have been unaware of our policies regarding user moves. Instead they have decided to go to local shops to purchase hardware for new users, hoping to speed up the process.

    These devices are designed for home use and NOT for business. Home versions of Windows are not compatible with our setup, and require a version of the ‘Pro’ licence. The cost of purchasing this additional licence often means it is far more expensive to purchase machines locally.

    Due to our partnership with companies such as Dell, we get guaranteed next day delivery on devices at no additional cost. If you have a user you would like to get setup quickly, and have forgotten to go through the standard process, please call us and we will find the quickest and most effective solution for you.

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