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    KJL Comms Room Refit Service

    KJL have always supported businesses when taking on new challenges. This often means managing the implementation of software solutions and purchasing new hardware, but in many cases in means elevating their existing hardware and IT management practices to a high industry standard. This is done to reduce the hardships that can come with using old and ineffective technology which is holding them back.

    As a business, we specialise in reducing the difficult moments often associated with change. What many people may not know about our business however is the other side of the coin – the time and energy we put into helping our customers operate more effectively day-to-day. One of the services we provide is a cleanup of IT infrastructure and server environments including a migration to new comms cabinets. This not only helps with organisation and labelling of different components, but reduces on-site support time and makes moving technology around the business an easy process.

    Newer server cabinets also provide a stable environment for infrastructure. The KJL Comms refit service ensures systems are clean, properly cooled and installed correctly, meaning components last longer and require less maintenance in the long term.

    We spend a great amount of time maintaining the high standards we set for ourselves. If a new customer joins us, they may need help in reaching the level required to ensure their IT systems and networks are able to operate efficiently.

    To talk to us about updating your server room today or having a general cleanup of IT environments in your business, call us today on 01268 627111.

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