About Kevin James Ltd (KJL)

    Professional IT setups for serious business.

    For almost twenty years Kevin James Ltd (or KJL for short) have been managing IT services for UK-based businesses. During that time, we have developed the aim of ensuring real-time protection of business revenue by establishing strong, dependable IT services and software within business.  We provide front-line IT assistance for users, manage all aspects of security, backups, networking, hardware management and our partner solutions. These specific services ensure that our customers have a competent and focused IT team behind them. They rest easy in the knowledge that we have all of the important bases covered, with new tools that offer fantastic opportunities for growth.

    How we Work

    Our aim is to identify, recommend and introduce the right IT services from both a technical and day-to-day perspective. The services we recommend always fit with client requirements and are based on well defined needs. We never advise solutions or services that will increase IT system complexity unnecessarily or not be used throughout the business. We do not lock our customers into long contracts and have clear SLA’s to ensure they are fully protected at all times.

    Keeping Business on track

    From temporary support to expansive development, KJL have the staff and skills to suit any growing business. We offer routes to new markets, cost reduction in a variety of areas and are dedicated to making business IT systems uncomplicated.


    Get a Full Business Overview

    From business consultancy, system reporting and overall spending, KJL can make IT updates more predictable and easy to manage

    All-in-one IT Packages

    Offering a range of services, we can create a suite of solutions to rapidly improve the way businesses operate

    Value for Money

    With a sharp focus on using budgets wisely, and with nearly two decades experience in Business IT, we offer highly competitive pricing.


    Our development team are constantly working to integrate powerful new solutions and lead the integration of cutting-edge technology.

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    Know what you’re looking for?

    If you are looking for something specific, why not take a look at our downloads section or use the search tool. Alternatively just contact us for more info.


    More about Kevin James

    A Business IT Partner

    The way we work is as a trusted Business IT Provider for our customers. This means we are dedicated to managing an area of business, or various areas, for our customers based on an agreed SLA (Service level Agreement). This is a simple contract which demonstrates a commitment to providing a high level of service.

    Focusing on the right areas.

    To ensure the best services and products, we focus on three core areas.

    Cost Reduction
    Efficiency Updates
    Professional Services

    Clear budget allocation and resource usage is the single biggest factor in IT. We bring almost 20 years of purchasing and deployment experience to our projects, providing a professional and non-sales focused approach.

    Our savings cover a variety of areas including Endpoint Device Management, Hardware Purchasing and Service Monitoring.

    All recommended efficiency updates will have a beneficial impact on business operations: improving speed, enhancing useability and reducing the time taken to achieve successful results.

    Core efficiency updates include Network & Internet Upgrades, System Optimisation and Cloud Hosting.

    Our UK based staff work to ensure full integration and uptime for IT solutions, ensuring staff and managers are fully confident with any changes or updates to operations.

    As a business, we work closely with a variety of customers, providing Remote Support, insurance for Business Resilience and high uptime Web-Based Software Delivery.

    Taking the time to know our customers

    All of our services follow clear guidelines for best practice. This may mean carrying out comprehensive global security reviews, building a detailed spending analysis, or it may simply entail a conversation about the advantages of a single product or solution, such as Mobile File Sharing or Cloud security (for example).

    Find out what your business could save

    Due to the nature of system requirements, current setup and the number of users in an organisation, we do not provide specific pricing on our website. We do however offer a quick quote service.

    Inside Our Data Centre

    Working closely with core partners at Dell, Microsoft, Zen Internet and Symantec, we have developed a set of highly robust Cloud hosting servers, providing top speeds while remaining totally resilient.  With a 99.999% uptime and real-time mirroring and backup protection, our Cloud makes sure business never sleeps.

    We support over one thousand five hundred end users throughout the UK, with clients based in the automotive, construction, education and financial industries.

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    Our Customers say….

    KJL are conscientious and focused on finding the right solution. Their support when things go awry is professional – they have good relationships with manufacturers and are clear at communicating when and how the problem will be fixed, This really helps when when issues occur at stressful or busy times like month end, March or September etc.,”

    Andy Ratliff
    Andy Ratliff
    Finance Director, Allen Ford Essex

    Kevin James Ltd have been supporting and driving our IT systems since 1997 and I thought it was about time to write and express our appreciation of their fantastic efforts on our company’s behalf. We are especially pleased at how quickly they respond to our business needs and would happily recommend their services to any business considering outsourcing their IT support or bringing in new IT solutions.

    Colin Rate
    Colin Rate
    Chairman, Rates Ford (Grays, Essex)

    When it came to the development of a new core software solution for our business, we could not have expected a better conclusion to the project. The determination of KJL to deliver an intuitive, user-friendly solution that met all of our needs, on time and to budget, was excellent. Highly recommended!

    Kieran Headley
    Kieran Headley
    Finance Director, OCL Facades



    The KJL Team




    Business Development

    Creating New Software and Web Tools

    • Kevin James
      Kevin James

      Managing Director

    • Greg French
      Greg French

      Operations Director

    IT Service Team

    Delivering Powerful Solutions for Business

    • Stephen Driscoll
      Stephen Driscoll

      Service Manager

    • Sumit Sachdeva
      Sumit Sachdeva

      Senior Developer


    Support Team

    Keeping Operations Moving Forwards

    • Liam Still
      Liam Still

      Senior Support Analyst

    • Steve Chapman
      Steve Chapman

      Senior Support Analyst

    • Alistair Steel
      Alistair Steel

      Support Engineer

    • Mike Lilley
      Mike Lilley

      Kerridge CDK Specialist

    • Sam Donovan
      Sam Donovan

      Support Analyst

    • Callum Montgomery
      Callum Montgomery

      Support Engineer

    • Hector Westropp
      Hector Westropp

      Digital Media & Marketing

    • Julie James
      Julie James

      Special Projects & Admin

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