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KJL Business IT Solutions

Our fully managed IT solutions keep business moving forwards.

Networking & Infrastructure Optimisation

Internal IT setups can be setup for speed or utility, with MPLS options introducing remarkable upgrades for large organisations.

Office 365

Office 365 allows users to connect anywhere with added protection and advanced email features such as contact sharing.

Professional Phone Systems

Managed VOiP and PBX phone setups can drastically reduce the cost of phone systems with a range of advanced features.

Managed Print Setups

Optimising and properly routing printing within an office can reduce ongoing annual rental and power costs by upto 15%.

Email Signature Manager

Design, control and manage email signatures across your entire organisation with consistent, professional and legally compliant email signature software, designed for professional business.

Device Data Encryption

Our data encryption tool ensures full compliance with data protection by fully encrypting data on devices which are used to hold personal data. This can include removable storage (such as USB devices) hard disks and even Outlook mailboxes.

KJL Business IT Solutions

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Professional Phone Systems

Internet-based telephony is a fast growing and cost reducing method for business, using the internet to send and receive voice telephone calls

Office 365 (Business Premium)

Microsoft 365 Business Premium offers a complete email package for business. This includes integration with a range of business critical tools and availability everywhere.

Device Data Encryption

Ensures full compliance with data protection laws by fully encrypting data on all devices which are used to hold personal data.

PCI Compliance / Penetration Testing

KJL Scans identify vulnerabilities and misconfiguration of web sites, applications, and IT infrastructures with Internet-facing internet protocol (IP) addresses.

Email Signature Software

Cloud-based signature manager to ensure professional and up-to-date brand management.

Workplace File Sharing

Secure File Sharing is a key requirement for global business. Workplace allows teams to work together and collaborate effectively while ensuring total security.


Reduce IT Spending

Reduce costs in the long and short term with IT solutions that work in tandem to make life easy. Whether scaling up business or keeping costs in check, we can help you do great things with your budget.

Ensure IT Compliance

Ensure all data within your business is properly tracked and managed. All of our solutions are able to ensure data is managed correctly at every stage of management, ensuring you stay on the right side of any governance, risk and compliance disputes.

Optimise IT Systems Properly

Every solution is configured to offer the very best options for your business. This includes modernising operations without having to sacrifice on speed or drastically change the way you work.

Improve Your Operations

Regardless of your needs, KJL can help your business grow and expand while becoming more effective at achieving its main goals.

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