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KJL Digital Marketing Services

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Web Design

We offer a range of different types of Web Design skills and options, including updates to existing websites (subject to review) and brand new larger web-based projects.

Social Media / Email

We setup and manage highly effective Email and Social Media campaigns. We can also create fully automated email structures and direct feeds to and from social media platforms.

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SEO / Digital Advertising

In conjunction with Web Design, we also offer SEO and Digital Advertising Services. We offer promotional services to meet any budget range and can help any business type achieve greatness.

Digital Screen Marketing

KJL offer a highly versatile display and touchscreen solution, suitable for digital advertising and real-time noticeboards. This allows businesses to display any form of media.

Business Benefits

Get Results!

The most important thing for us (after producing great quality) is helping customers understand the impact that their spending is having on their business. We have a focused approach to customer targeting and a range of methods to gather data via digital channels.

Meet Your Goals

Our digital marketing is always tailored to help our customers achieve their goals. This may center around sales and promotion of particular products or service, but we can help business shift their direction towards new markets or develop their business for the future.

Support Your Needs

Our Marketing Team have many years experience working with customers across the UK. During their time as professional designers and Marketing guru’s they have built an impressive skill-set which enables them to take on almost any task in the digital or print media arena.

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KJL Marketing Services

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Web Design

KJL offer professional web design services for business. We are able to take on any web-based project with in-house skills to improve and enhance online web tools.

Social Media / Email Campaigns

Our experienced Marketers are able to grow Social Media following and fully manage Email Marketing campaigns.

SEO / Digital Advertising

Our experienced Marketers are able to grow Social Media following and fully manage Email Marketing campaigns.

Email Signature Software

Cloud-based signature manager to ensure professional and up-to-date brand management.

Display Advertising / Noticeboards

Our display solution has a wide range of uses. It can be used to offer fantastic time based deals directly to customers in-store, or utilise any web-based application via a browser.