Please find below the latest release notes for DQMS-Web. Versions are ordered chronologically but if you are looking for a specific feature you can use the search tool at the top right of this website.


    DQMSWeb Version 1.13.0
    Release Date: 01/07/2016

    Summary of additions and changes to the latest version.

    1. Follow-up Event (Updated)

    The new follow up event pop up that was included in the last version of DQMS-Web has been amended to add the follow up event to the End User rather than the Registered To customer.

    1. Editing Cost/Retail Pricing

    A new permission level has been added to this latest release that will allow users with the correct permissions to amend cost and retail pricing on Orders.

    The two respective fields can now be updated within Step 2 of the Quotation/Order process. All changes are recorded into the system event log.

    1. Quote Customer Lookup

    A new feature has been added to the Customer look up routine within quotations.  This will vastly improve the time taken to look up a customer and add to the quotation during quote build process. To use:

    1. In the customer name field, enter either a partial or full search of the customer you require. Then click the magnifying glass to open the customer list pop-up.
    2. The customer lookup will then automatically filter based on this value. You are still able to then reset the filter is needed to look for a new search value.


    DQMSWeb Version 1.12.9
    Release Date: 03/06/2016

    Summary of additions and changes to the latest version.

    1. Auto timeout period

    DQMSWeb had an auto timeout period of 60 minutes. After this period, the system would automatically log users off for security. Feedback from users was that, due to daily distractions, this would often cause problems when a user was part way through a quotation. Therefore, we have now removed the time out period completely.

    It is however, the user’s responsibility to log out of the system if you are leaving your desk for any period of time where you know you will not be returning.

    1. Customer Export

    A new feature has been added which allows users to export lists of customers to Excel for external analysis.  The export function will export data based on the applied filter.

    This new feature, which is available under the Manage Customers page, is permission controlled and is only available to users with suitable permissions.  If you require this feature to be activated under your login, please seek approval from your line manager before raising a ticket with the KJL support team.

    1. Default First Contact

    When adding a new customer and contact, the system will automatically set the Default Contact flag to your first contact. If you intent to add more contacts to a specific customer, then you can apply the default contact flag to your preferred choice.

    1. Follow-up Event

    When creating a new quotation, you will now be required to add a follow up event as you would with a normal customer event.  DQMS will complete a majority of the fields by default including the follow up date being set as 7 days ahead of the quotation creation date.  The follow up event will be based upon the following:

    • The event will be associated to the Registered To customer.
    • The event follow-up date will be 7 days ahead of the quotation date.
    • The event follow-up will be a phone call.
    • The customer default contact will be set as the person to contact.

    The user interface will allow you to make changes to the default information before completing the event and saving.

    DQMS will prompt to create the follow-up event within step 8 of the quotation process during the Finish stage.



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