Kevin James IT Services.

    Optimising Performance. Reducing Cost.

    Our range of IT Services ensure businesses can handle any potential challenge, quickly and easily. Beyond providing comprehensive business protection, we offer critical advantages.
    • Greater speed. Promoting operational efficiency and increases to workload.
    • Cost Control. Ensuring proper licence management and hosting options.


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    KJL Managed Solutions. Everything you’ll ever need.

    We offer a range of IT solutions to meet a variety of business needs, delivered on our powerful Cloud hosting platform. Our customers can access powerful solutions which meets key requirements without the increased cost and stress associated with large providers.  

    Powerful IT tools hosted on a robust Cloud platform.

    We offer a state-of-the art Hybrid Cloud setup, featuring cutting-edge Dell hardware with award winning firewall technology. Our dedicated servers are configured to deliver fully optimised Cloud solutions for business. This includes Email and contact sharing solutions, collaborative tools, communications software and various other managed services, including web-hosting and internet service administration .  

    • WordPress
    • ESET
    • Exchange
    • Symantec Cloud
    • Office 365
    • Workplace

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    IT Support. Effective problem solving.

    Our dedicated support team are based in the UK. We provide full Endpoint Management of all devices, meaning we actively monitor devices and support third-party software, networks and web services.



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    We offer a range of support services for business, including full UK support for hosted solutions.   Learn More


    Security Solutions. We protect business from operational risk.

    We offer fundamental security services and manage cutting-edge security (and backup) solutions, to ensure smooth day-to-day running of business networks. In either case we balance the real-world cost of technology with benefits in service delivery, performance and reliability.

    Comprehensive Business Protection

    KJL work with four key partner solutions to ensure end-to-end protection for business. These solutions offer full control over security and threat management, will full integration between solutions and negation of risks such as ransom-ware and DDoS.

    These tools can be used together or separately to manage individual needs. To learn about our offers and discounts for buying more than one solution, please contact us directly.

    • Spam Filtering
    • Malware Monitoring
    • Dedicated Security Team
    • 24/7 Admin Coverage
    • UK Data Center
    • PCI-Compliant
    • Symantec / ESET Solutions
    • Award-winning Firewalls
    • Endpoint Network Management
    • Asset Tracking and Data Wiping


    Our Security Solutions are designed to work in tandem to provide comprehensive protection. Learn More


    Cost Reduction. Practical methods to improve business.

    Our in-depth business analysis covers areas such as device sharing, power consumption and other costs associated with business operations. On average we save businesses upto 30% by streamlining device use and reducing their recurring costs.

    • printing

      We offer a full service to analyse printing and power use. 

      The creation of printing workgroups and the introduction of policies to reduce printing output across an organisation can lead to huge cost reductions. This cost reduction covers hardware purchasing, power, paper, toner and maintenance, including reduction in printer support costs.

      We also offer a range of paperless solutions such as web-based tools, and collaborative tools to remove the need for printing entirely. Using Endpoint Management we are also able to facilitate auto-shutdown of machines at night and auto-boot processes for early morning, saving both time and energy for users.


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    • IT Services - hosted PBX Hunt GroupsVoIP or ‘Voice-over Internet Protocol’ is a web based platform for phone-calling.
      Utilising internet bandwidth, internet phone solutions offer fantastic benefits over traditional phone systems including:

      • Setup hunt groups, or call forwarding, across a whole organisation.
      • Create fully automated call answering and business process systems.
      • Unlimited usage with no increase in cost for higher use.
      • Call blocking for premium rate numbers.
      • Security setup with ‘dial-out’ code.
      • Full access to call recording and logging.

      In addition, with fibre optic broadband becoming the new standard for business, this solution is able to greatly reduce costs while bringing significant business advantages.

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    • IT Services - Cloud Services

      Cloud servers offer cost savings associated with Economies of Scale and a range of support benefits due to single site management.

      In using one space to hold applications and data, costs are consolidated and hardware is dedicated to service provision, rather than just taking up power and demanding continual investment. We offer cloud services on a needs basis, allowing our customers to rapidly scale without CapEx. We also heavily invest in continual hardware and software upgrades to ensure our Cloud Solutions remain powerful and up-to-date.

      We offer a range of hosted programs on our cloud servers, including content collaboration tools, media exchanges and backup services, all of which reduce the technological burden, and actual cost, of daily operations. Our servers are also low power usage, ensuring all Eco demands or targets are met successfully, with ISO 27001 and 9001 compliance for data security.

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    • IT Services - eCommerceEcommerce strategy is perhaps the most important change to business development in the past 50 years.

      While many companies hold true to their tried and tested customer engagement techniques, the marketplace for ecommerce, and the appetite for online purchasing, grows stronger and stronger each day.

      With tasks offloaded to a website or purchasing platform such as PayPal, staff are able to process significantly more sales than would be possible through traditional means. This has knock-on effects for business, but in the long run offers drastic reduction in the cost of operations and steep increases to profit if designed and promoted correctly.

      To find out more about our eCommerce options and services, please contact us directly on 01268 627111.


    Networking & Infrastructure. No limits to what you can do.

    Our Networking team are fully certified in both hardware and software, including Cisco and Microsoft. This ensures our team are able to manage all requests without the need for external engineers and contractors. 


    • Network Management
    • Continuous Backups
    • Fibre Solutions
    • ADSL / VDSL / FTTC
    • Advanced Networking (MPLS)
    • On-site Engineer Support
    High Bandwidth Solutions

    We offer dedicated fibre solutions to large offices (such as call centres) who use recorded VoIP over their network.

    Rapid Network Sharing

    Our networking solutions feature rapid file sharing and real-time network monitoring tools.

    Hardware Optimisation

    Our team are specialists in setting up networks to offer maximum efficiency and provide optimal speed across all connections. We also offer purchasing advice and management as required.

    Full Administrative Control

    We offer full ESET Endpoint security across our networks. This allows for key security and protection features, such as rapid defence against Ransomware.

    Upgrade your network to ensure maximum speed for all devices.

    We specialise in ADSL and Fibre Solutions (FTTC)