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    A key issue facing all businesses is managing the emergent risks of the 21st century. This includes theft of digital data and the protection of digital assets, along with proper administration of devices and software packages used to keep business moving. Our Cloud Backup and Security Solutions meet these challenges head on.

    KJL have partnered with leading IT security businesses. Employing their best technology and most powerful solutions, we offer a suite of solutions which offer comprehensive protection in three core areas. All of the Cloud backup and security solutions we work with are designed to operate in tandem and compliment one another to ensure businesses are fully protected.

    We offer services which establish  maximum security for business, at a price which makes sense to business owners.

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    Unified Threat Management

    Following our work with leading global organisations, we have developed a highly robust systems administration suite. This platform allows for total system monitoring capability, with real-time protection and daily updates to protect businesses from the latest cyber threats.

    What is Unified Threat Management?

    Unified Threat Management (UTM) is a term first used by the IDC to describe a set of security tools which have been integrated within a single security platform. UTM typically includes a combination of firewall, gateway anti-virus, intrusion detection and prevention capabilities. This approach allows administrators to monitor and manage a wide variety of security-related applications and infrastructure components.

    This guides rapid problem solving and full recovery in the shortest possible timeframe.

    Our threat management approach includes:



    SmoothWall. Internet Filtering and Advanced Web Protection.

    Protect your network and users from modern cyber risks and reckless employee behaviour.

    With the internet now such an expansive marketplace, there is a wide availability of content for users to access. Much of the free content accessed includes community sites which contain links to download open-source material or direct connections on media sites (including streaming and peer-to-peer downloads).

    While these sites are often not considered risky by employees, they pose a real security threat to business if not properly checked. Smoothwall are specialists in web monitoring, offering a real-time solution which halts suspicious activity and kills threats to business networks. In addition, the SafeGuard solution also alerts administration about visits to adult websites, as well as those which heavily feature: abuse; bullying; criminal activity; radicalisation; substance abuse; and suicide.

    Policies can be individual to organisations, with LDAP integration for permissions and custom whitelists added as required. In addition to monitoring, Smoothwall also offers control over network connections, with bandwidth limit setting and quota limits for social networks or personal email hosts.

    • IDS protection to monitor external and internal access to alert DNS, SMTP, Known Malicious Sources, IMAP, FTP, HTTP, Current Events, Malware, Outbound, Virus, VOIP, Untrusted Sources, User-Agents, Scan, Peer-to-Peer and DoS
    • Outgoing port restrictions based on location or groups. Incoming port forwarding with IPS enabled to alert of any possible hack attempts or internal system errors.
    • HTTPS and deep packet inspection (validate certificate only / decrypt and inspect / do not inspect)


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    Symantec. Comprehensive Cyber Threat Protection.

    Protect your organization from advanced attacks.

    Advanced attacks are more complex and difficult to uncover than ever before. They exploit unknown vulnerabilities and are highly stealthy and persistent, using novel techniques to hide themselves while compromising critical systems and data.

    Symantec’s Threat Protection blocks, detects, and allows for quick response to all of today’s threats across an organization, from embedded systems, to mobile devices, to desktops, servers, gateways, and the cloud.

    These offerings combine local context from infrastructure with global telemetry from one of the world’s largest cyber threat intelligence networks to protect organizations of any size.

    • Protection against the most advanced threats with complete visibility of system processes through email, servers and cloud connections.
    • Detection of 30% more threats with cross-control point visibility and remediation.
    • Automatic tracking of emerging attacks, including access to one of the world’s largest cyber-intelligence networks.


    ESET. Endpoint Antivirus and File Security.

    End-to-end encryption and administrator security.

    The majority of today’s security threats are not actual humans. The greatest and most successful threats to business are malware with the ability to phish information (such as passwords or credentials by using fake certificates) or other programs designed specifically to find and exploit system vulnerabilities.

    ESET has been designed specifically to combat this alarming new trend, by introducing software which can identify and halt any automated intrusion, phishing algorithm or brute force attack (such as DDoS). This system also remembers attacks and becomes much faster at spotting and dealing with repeat offenders.

    As part of our ongoing commitment to security, we also utilise full File Security, incorporating the fastest scanning speeds and highest detection rates with the smallest footprint, ensuring optimal server performance. Working with the other solutions within our UTM setup, ESET is an integral in the protection of business data and uptime for operations more generally.

    • Supports VM’s and adds critical layers of protection against hackers and botnets. Includes data access management with web control to restrict website access.
    • Features rapid threat detection and ultra low system demands. This key feature leaves more system resources free while still delivering complete business protection.
    • Powered by ThreatSense® technology: combining speed, accuracy and minimal system to monitor in real-time without impacting operations or network speed.


    Centrastage. Cloud-based Device Management.

    Monitor any device from any location instantly.

    CentraStage is an award-winning, cloud-based device management solution.

    Combining the flexibility and cost-effectiveness required by small businesses with the scale and sophistication demanded by the Enterprise, CentraStage’s global infrastructure allows complete visibility and control over their entire IT estate from a single integrated cloud platform. The service utilises the latest cloud technology to help to improve the management of servers, PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

    From individual users to sophisticated IT managed service providers; CentraStage is designed to run on any device. As a true cloud-based device management platform there are no barriers to using our technology; technical, commercial or geographical.

    • Gain complete control of IT environments and devices.
    • Instant reporting on IT assets, health and reliability. (Audits).
    • Task automation options (boot procedures / virus scanning).


    What is your business worth?

    Endpoint Management is a critical field right now in the world of both security and business end-user support. Get to know the facts for yourself and decide if you should host your own device management and security, or should benefit from shared IT investment.

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    Backup and Business Continuity. Full Disaster Recovery.

    Over the past ten years, backups and business continuity have grown in importance. Today, any organisation without an effective data security and backup regime is playing Russian Roulette with their business. Loss of digital finance records, emails, contracts, licences, agreements, marketing materials and login credentials can all spell absolute disaster for businesses.

    KJL believe that cost effective professional data security and backup should be available to all businesses, not just mature organisations. We offer a range of low cost solutions for smaller business and comprehensive protection for larger businesses, customising backup and BCM solutions according to their needs. We are proud to say that our customers are able to fully secure their business data at a price that makes sense.


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    In many cases small and large businesses are paying an inflated price for slow or ineffective backup protection. We offer only the most advanced and affordable backup solutions, with the flexibility and range of features required to meet the needs of any business, no matter how demanding. Take a look at the advantages of our Backup and Recovery management service by downloading some free information.

    If you have any questions or would like us to create a quote for you, please contact us directly via email or telephone. If you would like to test out a hosted solution then we offer 5 day trials for new customers.

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    Restoration and Damage Mitigation. Back to business as usual.

    An often overlooked element of IT is system integration. IT systems are rarely entirely self contained – instead they are clusters working together in tandem. This means that settings for one group often impact others, so when damaged systems are restored there may be corruption or faults which can cause tricky problems. In these cases it can be difficult to work out who is liable for fixing the error.

    With nearly two decades setting up and managing IT systems, we don’t risk customer security. Instead we ensure links between systems are tracked and any liabilities are removed. Working pro-actively, it is possible to ensure systems are fully recovered with no further impact on business.


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    Flexible Payment Structure. Working with new business.

    Many of our customers recognise a clear need to invest in new technology, especially concerning IT monitoring and security, but would prefer not to use working capital. KJL provide fixed term finance options to allow customers to spread the cost of any hardware and software ownership across three and five year fixed term periods. Our minimum term plan allows for simple financing for any specialist devices and we offer on-demand software leasing.

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    KJL can provide a complete end to end service from hardware procurement, finance, project management, installation and support throughout the UK.

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