Microsoft Exchange. Connecting employees together.


    The Kevin James Exchange service enhances key Microsoft programs such as Outlook and Office 365 by upgrading the platform they use to operate. Businesses can benefit from increased speed, connectivity, flexibility, reliability and security.

    What is Microsoft exchange?

    8867.Microsoft_5F00_Logo_2D00_for_2D00_screenExchange is a popular Microsoft add-on that includes a mail server, an e-mail program (e-mail client), and full integration with a range of collaborative Microsoft applications, commonly known as ‘groupware’.

    Specifically designed for use in business environments, Exchange is often used in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook to take advantage of sharing and communication features, such as the ability to share mailboxes, contacts and calendars between separate offices and to off-site employees.

    Today, in every industry around the world, email, messaging and team collaboration capabilities are critical. Not only do these services connect employees based in separate locations, they serve as viable records of communications within a business. This includes management of business transactions, the secure transfer of files from one location to the next and bringing together separate parts of ongoing projects.

    • Always Active. 99.999% uptime. Highest of any provider.
    • Total Privacy. End-to-end encryption.
    • Any location. Any device. Dedicated Cloud server. 

    Information is Power. Achieve an excellent communications setup with one solution.

    A defining feature of excellent businesses is the ability to recognise the potential of applications. Through a hosted exchange businesses can start on the path to self-reliance, capable of far greater flexibility, where operations are protected against prominent risks such as accidents, fires, theft, natural disasters and hackers.

    Advanced Security and Email Archiving

    Our hosted Exchange service includes a range of advanced security options, including spam filtering, malware protection and unlimited online archiving as required. These tools help to ensure total system security, reduce the workload of in-house servers and ensure our customers meet the strict requirements of governance, compliance and regulatory demands.

    Not having backups for business communications is generally considered reckless and potentially dangerous. Emails are now recognised by courts all over the world as a legally binding form of evidence following legal disputes.

    Employing a competent email solution within business is key to ensuring strong internal practices and the protection of the business record for Audits.

    Business and Enterprise Exchange. The right solution for the task.

    Hosted BUSINESS Exchange

    50 Users or Fewer

    Our hosted Business Exchange is specifically designed for SME’s or other businesses with a relatively small number of employees. As a solution it allows users be connected and productive from virtually any platform, browser, or mobile device. In doing this, our Exchange service recognises the key concerns of business by keeping costs minimal while offering maximum resilience and flexibility for users. With impressive statistics, such as a 99.999% uptime, accessing an exchange server allows smaller businesses to gain the sharp advantages of a powerful Microsoft solution.

    Costs are calculated per user and all accounts are automatically connected with one another, ready to securely share calenders, contacts and collaborate on documents through Microsoft 365 as required. Emails are no longer stored on each device, but synchronise with a cutting-edge exchange server, ensuring total protection, high speed uploads and maximum availability.

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    Hosted ENTERPRISE Exchange

    50 Users or More

    Enterprise Hosted Exchange is for larger organizations that require a greater number of mailbox databases. This service supports 1 to 100 mailboxes and allows organizations to reduce the cost and complexity of meeting compliance requirements, featuring integrated archiving functionality and information protection capabilities.

    The enterprise option can access to five times more databases at any given time, meaning it can handle significantly more traffic without any lapses in speed. while offering maximum resilience and flexibility for users. Costs are calculated per user and all accounts are automatically connected with one another, ready to securely share calenders, contacts and collaborate on documents through Microsoft 365 as required. Emails are no longer stored on each device, but synchronise with a cutting-edge exchange server, ensuring total protection, high speed uploads and maximum availability.

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    Want to Learn More?

    In many cases small and large businesses are paying an inflated price for bespoke setups, without receiving the high level of service or quality networking capabilities we can offer for a greatly reduced price. Take a look at the advantages of a hosted Exchange service from Kevin James by downloading some free information.

    If you have any questions or would like us to create a quote for you, please contact us directly via email or telephone. If you would like to test out a hosted solution then we offer 5 day trials for new customers.

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    Expanding with Business. A solution that grows as required.

    Based on the number of active users, and priced through user licences, the process of expanding the hosted exchange service to different sites or across different areas of business is simple, fast and easy. Setting up a new user takes a matter of minutes, offering preconfigured settings and access to calendars.

    Kevin James provide full support during business expansion and development, dedicating time and resources to ensure end-to-end email security, maximum speed and creating policies covering the transmission of sensitive information.

    • Low Cost. Great savings via shared hosting environment.
    • Bolt-ons. Extra services available for bespoke setups.
    • Test it first. Trial the solution for 20 days for free. 

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    Improve flexibility with a simple-to-use and powerful business solution.


    Kevin James Managed Hosting Service


    Single tenant virtual server environment.


    Featuring Dell
    PowerEdge servers.


    Advanced server monitoring and optimisation.

    Carbon Neutral

    100% carbon neutral hosting.

    UK Hosted

    Hosted at two separate UK data centres.

    Fully Insured

    Bandwidth and data recovery insurance.

    24/7, 365 Support

    Complete technical support (subject to t’c and c’s).


    Cisco firewall, anti-virus and backup.

    Quality Management Systems (QMS)

    Environmental Management Systems

    Information Security Management Systems

    Card Payments / Data Security Standards

    Service Level Agreement +

    Our hosted customers recieve 24/7, 365 support from our hosting team and partners as standard.

    In addition we also offer upgraded SLA’s with a full parts and labour warranty and a 15 minute response time.

    Have Additional Questions?


    Note: If you cannot find the answers you need in this FAQ, why not get in touch with us directly?

    Is Kevin James hosting as fast and as safe as hosting in-house on our own server?

    Yes. We feature the very latest and most powerful technology to offer superior speed and total security across our servers.

    What is bandwidth insurance?

    Servers affected by DDoS attacks or with extremely high peaks in traffic, will NOT incur additional charges.

    Do you do regular security audits?

    Yes. Our annual security audits inspect each and every physical and virtual server platform for threats and vulnerabilities which could allow viruses or hackers to damage, hack or destroy systems.

    Do you offer Data Recovery Insurance?

    Yes. In the rare event a component fails, our recovery process takes over, with the ability to extract and repair even badly damaged data.

    Can I test the System First?

    To experience our cutting-edge Cloud hosting service, we offer a hosted demonstration system. To find out more and discuss requirements, contact our hosting team directly on 01268 627111.