Exclaimer. Professional Email Signatures.

    Marketing is one of the biggest features of any business. It allows any customer to understand that a business is professional, consistent and up-to date. While many people think of advertising, brochures or website content as the main tool for digital marketing, an often overlooked factor is direct client communication: specifically Email signatures.

    The Exclaimer Signature Manager for Outlook is designed to help companies easily achieve consistent, up-to-date professional client communications right across a business. Exclaimer is the go-to solution – a multi award-winning email signature software solution designed for all versions of Microsoft Outlook and the Outlook Web Application.

    Protect your brand with the latest Marketing Designs.


    Create, design, deploy – Design Custom email signatures from scratch or use the extensive template library.

    Multiple signatures for users – Allow users to manually choose which email signature they want to use for different emails.

    Different signatures for different departments – Rules let you define exactly which users get which signatures. Let the marketing team highlight an upcoming event, while giving finance the chance to highlight your organization’s payment terms.



    Use one dedicated console – No local installs or Outlook Add-Ins required. Signature Manager Outlook Edition can be installed on one workstation to easily manage and distribute all organisational email signatures.

    Use Active Directory data for 100% accuracy – Data from each user’s AD profile automatically populates their Outlook email signature, ensuring all details are correct.

    Update signatures in a single click – Once a template is saved, all users get the correct email signature within Outlook and OWA.



    A Brief Overview

    Design, control and manage email signatures across your entire organisation with the Exclaimer Signature Manager: the most consistent, professional and legally compliant email signature software, designed for professional business.

    Key Features

    For a brief overview please see below, but for a more in-depth review of the software please contact us directly to setup a demonstration.

    • Custom email signatures direct to an end user’s Outlook client.
    • Static text with images and dynamic data for compelling templates.
    • Rules based on users’ Active Directory (AD) (different email signatures for different teams).
    • Multiple email signatures can be selected from Outlook’s drop-down menu.
    • Promotional banners and social media icons for all users.
    • Centrally control font and design guidelines.




    Exclaimer pricing is calculated based on the number of users using the software and the requirements for support. While this service is managed by KJL, we also recommend a Software Maintenance Allowance (SMA). This allows full access to all future updates and greater scope for Exclaimer software support at a technical and user level, with the option to suggest integrations.

    License Type Price SMA (1 Year) SMA (3 Years)
    10 Users £89.00 £25.00 £55.00
    25 Users £139.00 £30.00 £69.00
    35 Users £185.00 £37.00 £89.00
    50 Users £209.00 £40.00 £99.00
    75 Users £339.00 £69.00 £149.00
    100 Users £395.00 £79.00 £179.00
    125 Users £495.00 £99.00 £219.00
    150 Users £595.00 £119.00 £269.00
    200 Users £695.00 £139.00 £315.00
    250 Users £795.00 £159.00 £359.00
    300 Users £869.00 £175.00 £395.00
    350 Users £939.00 £189.00 £428.00
    500 Users £1,135.00 £230.00 £519.00
    625 Users £1,199.00 £245.00 £549.00
    750 Users £1,279.00 £255.00 £579.00
    875 Users £1,349.00 £269.00 £599.00
    1000 Users £1,420.00 £285.00 £639.00