Gemini Systems. Proudly hosted by Kevin James.

    Working with our partners at Gemini Systems, KJL offer a robust hosting solution for the Evolution DMS. Whether a single or multi-site operation, our powerful hosting platform ensures optimisation of hardware, backups, security and connectivity.

    After building a strong partnership with Gemini Systems, Kevin James offer a hosting option which works in complete harmony with the software, managing heavy traffic without losing speed or compromising elements of security or uptime. This setup has also been created to scale up service delivery extremely quickly and easily as required, working with the ethos of the solution: ‘Evolution’.

    • Dedicated.  Single Tenant Virtual Server Environment.
    • Upgraded. Firewall, Anti-virus and Unlimited bandwidth.
    • Supported. 24/7, 365 support with SLA+. 

    Get onto the Enterprise-Grade Platform for Gemini Systems’ Clients.

    Based on a tailored setup designed specifically for Gemini Systems clients to ensure maximum uptime, resilience and security, Kevin James present a state-of the art enterprise-grade platform for the Evolution DMS. Hosted in the UK, with multiple data centre instances and backups protocols, developed with our industry-leading IT partners, we offer impressive guarantees such as a 99%+ uptime and a 24/7, 365 Service Level Agreement as standard. This also includes a parts and labour warranty with a 15 minute response time and the option to automatically roll out new software updates and security patches.

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    Hardware. Award winning and best-in-breed.

    Kevin James hosting Environments feature the latest Dell PowerEdge servers, housed within a complete Dell Infrastructure. In addition to boasting ultra-high availability, the physical hardware delivers double the performance of previous generations and effectively minimises eco footprint. This hardware and infrastructure type support the highest possible speeds for running the Evolution DMS, while remaining completely stable and using low amounts of power.

    All Kevin James hosting severs are protected by award-winning Cisco ASA 5500 Series Firewalls, providing advanced application-aware security with identity-based access control and denial of service (DoS) attack protection. This is built upon market proven Cisco PIX/ASA Security Appliance technology which includes the ability to create Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and supports a large number of concurrent connections.

    Backup and Restoration setup.

    Our solutions covering backup, replication, de-duplication and restore (up to 150GB) handle multi-volume backups and offer excellent scalability. We use industry leading backup technology including CommVault to ensure dependable business continuity.

    All backups provide restoration of configuration data and content in the event of server or component failure. Backup servers are run on a separate network, with separate switches and connections at no additional cost. Typically, our backups update weekly but can be tailored to requirements.

    Network Configuration.

    locationOur 10Gb network includes multihoming to provide optimised hosting. Facilities in Manchester and London ensure no single point of failure. Bandwidth is uncontended and aggregated from multiple Tier 1 suppliers, guaranteeing 24/7 connectivity.

    We employ multiple transit links from: AboveNet; Global Crossing; Level 3; and Cogent, to ensure global reach and connectivity.

    A Trusted Hosting Provider. 

    Kevin James Ltd (KJL) have been creating, deploying and successfully managing IT systems for almost two decades. Our core partners include Microsoft, Dell, Zen Internet, Symantec and Gemini Systems, to name a few. We currently support nearly 2000 end users around the UK with clients based in the automotive, construction, education and financial industries.

    • Proactive Monitoring and High Availablity (HA) Firewall.
    • Server AV protection, Data Recovery and Bandwidth Insurance.
    • Annual Security Audit and Security Patches.



    Take an Information Pack

    In many cases small and large businesses are paying an inflated price to host their own Dealership Management Software, without receiving the high level of service or quality we can offer. Take a look at the advantages for Managed Gemini Systems Hosting from Kevin James to see how we can help by downloading our free information pack.

    If you have any questions or would like us to create a quote for you, please contact us directly via email or telephone. If you would like to test out a hosted solution then we offer 5 day trials for new customers.

    Download Information Pack   Switch to the KJL Evolution Hosting Platform

    Kevin James Managed Hosting



    Single tenant virtual server environment.


    Featuring Dell
    PowerEdge servers.


    Advanced server monitoring and optimisation.

    Carbon Neutral

    100% carbon neutral hosting.

    UK Hosted

    Hosted at two separate UK data centres.

    Fully Insured

    Bandwidth and data recovery insurance.

    24/7, 365 Support

    Complete technical support (subject to t’c and c’s).


    Cisco firewall, anti-virus and backup.

    Quality Management Systems (QMS)

    Environmental Management Systems

    Information Security Management Systems

    Card Payments / Data Security Standards

    Service Level Agreement +

    Our hosted customers recieve 24/7, 365 support from our hosting team and partners as standard.

    In addition we also offer upgraded SLA’s with a full parts and labour warranty and a 15 minute response time.

    Have Additional Questions?


    Note: If you cannot find the answers you need in this FAQ, why not get in touch with us directly?

    Is Kevin James hosting as fast and as safe as hosting in-house on our own server?

    Yes. We feature the very latest and most powerful technology to offer superior speed and total security across our servers.

    What is bandwidth insurance?

    Servers affected by DDoS attacks or with extremely high peaks in traffic, will NOT incur additional charges.

    Do you do regular security audits?

    Yes. Our annual security audits inspect each and every physical and virtual server platform for threats and vulnerabilities which could allow viruses or hackers to damage, hack or destroy systems.

    Do you offer Data Recovery Insurance?

    Yes. In the rare event a component fails, our recovery process takes over, with the ability to extract and repair even badly damaged data.

    Can I test the System First?

    To experience our unique Evolution hosting service, we offer a hosted demonstration system. To find out more and discuss requirements, contact our hosting team directly on 01268 627111.