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    • Immediate User Assistance. Technical consultation and real-time problem solving.
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    • Change Management. Supporting business during growth and development.

    KJL Support. Helpful Professionals.

    We value clarity and experience in finding solutions to challenges in business. Our frontline support team and the support engineers who work with them are fully qualified and highly trained, quickly applying the right solution to core issues.

    Making IT Support Simple

    Our support requests, managed through an easy-to-use portal, offer complete visibility over job progress, notes concerning updates and estimated timescales for fixes. Our SLA typically includes backup systems to ensure businesses are able to work effectively.

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    The KJL instant response team are available Monday to Friday, from 07:30 to 18:00 and 08:30 to 13:00 on Saturday, offering assistance covering a range of issues. These can be technical problems, such as resetting login credentials, solving issues related to software or remotely configuring hardware such as VoIP phones, routers or other devices. We also offer UK on-site support, managing server setups, backups (NAS / SAN), Firewalls and a variety of other hardware.

    Where is my Support Portal?

    You can find the link to your company’s support portal inside your welcome email. If you cannot find this email, and would like us to send you a new link, please email us at support@kjltd.co.uk. We recommend creating a new shortcut on your desktop to reach this URL instantly in the future.

    Our Customers say….

    KJL are conscientious and focused on finding the right solution. Their support when things go awry is professional – they have good relationships with manufacturers and are clear at communicating when and how the problem will be fixed, This really helps when when issues occur at stressful or busy times like month end, March or September etc.,”

    Andy Ratliff
    Andy Ratliff
    Finance Director, Allen Ford Essex

    Kevin James Ltd have been supporting and driving our IT systems since 1997 and I thought it was about time to write and express our appreciation of their fantastic efforts on our company’s behalf. We are especially pleased at how quickly they respond to our business needs and would happily recommend their services to any business considering outsourcing their IT support or bringing in new IT solutions.

    Colin Rate
    Colin Rate
    Chairman, Rates Ford (Grays, Essex)

    When it came to the development of a new core software solution for our business, we could not have expected a better conclusion to the project. The determination of KJL to deliver an intuitive, user-friendly solution that met all of our needs, on time and to budget, was excellent. Highly recommended!

    Kieran Headley
    Kieran Headley
    Finance Director, OCL Facades

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    Business Support Solutions. Meeting the needs of industry.

    Known as the key component of IT outsourcing, our business support solutions exist to help businesses effectively manage any emergent business requirement. This might be overseeing rollout or updates for new technology, providing specific support or development work to help solutions integrate properly with the business, or as a backup support team for staff during critical business periods.

    Our bespoke support services have been designed to meet the needs of between 5 to 1000 users. Our highly trained and fully qualified engineers have a variety of tools to ensure all support requests are managed professionally, and are able to work with users of any skill level.

    We Specialise in Automotive IT Support

    Many of our support customers are based in the Automotive Industry. To meet their requirements we have a dedicated Kerridge engineer to handle CDK setup and support requests. We also offer our own full DMS with comprehensive support. 

    Administrating from Anywhere

    Our bespoke business support solutions are designed to be totally flexible. We manage the majority of work by connecting directly to user devices from our central help centre – deploying an Endpoint Agent to ensure the fastest fix times. From there we manage the full resolution process to ensure the issue does not re-occur.

    Working closely with our partners, we are also able to manage the introduction of new services. This may include migration from a full file server to a Cloud file sharing solution, management of Internet permissions, configuration of firewalls or monitoring of backups. Our support team are fully trained and qualified Microsoft Engineers. We are also Microsoft Silver partners and have a number of specific commendations in supporting leading IT solutions.


    Get to grips with Endpoint Device Management

    endpoint supportEndpoint Management is a key security development over the past two years that has had a huge impact on the way IT support is delivered – both  through increases to user protection and significant reductions in time required to resolve issues. Today, we are able to solve problems more quickly than ever before.

    To learn more about the investment we have made for our clients, please get in touch or learn more.

    Learn more about Endpoint Management Download KJL Support info

    Tailored Solutions to meet Customer Needs

    We are able to provide targeted business support for specific users. This can mean members of teams who need regular support for business critical software, general user support across a whole organisation or full administration of network devices. We also act as consultants, providing decades worth of IT experience, helping our customers achieve the best outcomes with the least expense or ongoing capital demands.

    To arrange a meeting now and discuss how we can best serve your support needs, call 01268 627111

    Our Business Support Customers Include

    IT Service Agreement. Keeping business on track.

    Proactive Services / Endpoint Management

    We provide two distinct types of business support at KJL. The first is what might be called ‘proactive’. Our Proactive support concerns the expectation that technology will not always work as intended within business, and to create a plan for this eventuality. Even with the perfect setup, given enough time it will face a technical problem which needs overcoming. This may relate to the introduction of new technology or a need to integrate with systems which were not originally designed in conjunction with.

    Business Support AgreementPrepare properly.

    At KJL, we know that any IT system is only as good as its most vulnerable point. We appreciate that any piece of hardware is only good if it is truly reliable.

    Faulty, misconfigured, needlessly expensive or outdated equipment can be a major burden when raising the general standard of IT within a business.  Our team are adept at recognising untapped potential in existing systems, ensuring that things get running smoothly, working out a time-basis for overcoming key challenges within business operations or ongoing processes.

    We work tirelessly to ensure scenarios are tested and evaluated, then a workable strategy developed to nullify and and all potential risks to downtime. This includes real-time technical monitoring of IT systems, devices, Internet connections, web-administration, backups, applications and much more. Our service updates can be setup to show running speeds, progress of update patches and connect with sms for instant alerts following any drop in service. We also use automatic notifications to highlight current or potentially critical issues, immediately resolving any conflict as it happens (or before) so it does not cause significant disturbance.

    Hardware Management. Optimised.

    One of our most important services is the proper purchasing, installation, administration and monitoring of devices within a business. We offer a fully inclusive hardware service, encompassing end-to-end management of all devices, inlcuding specialist mobile devices, bespoke server setups and company-wide IT upgrades.

    Working with our hardware partners, which include Dell and Microsoft, we offer trade discounts on purchasing while ensuring proper setup and warranty protection. We also offer an asset monitoring service, with a file sharing solution capable of instantly wiping sensitive data from stolen company machines.

    IT Training (Basic and Advanced)

    IT Training. Business development.

    At Kevin James, we fully appreciate the challenges that new technology can bring. From learning brand new processes right through to change management and retraining, the act of updating technology always has knock on effects for business.

    Part of our commitment is assisting customers through these changes and providing a strong team to assist with common challenges faced by users. This may include administration of web-portals, software support services or just everyday IT assistance. Our support agreements keep business moving.

    Why IT training and support is vital to good business support

    support processProven technology deployments can fail to maximise return on investment if solutions are not successfully integrated into the business environment and users are not trained and supported.

    Even though every company in the world employs some form of IT system, many users (especially older users), often work inefficiently and inflexibly. This means they are not able to react and solve issues when something goes wrong. Not only can this affect business, but it can knock the confidence of users which has impact in the longer term.

    We believe that all IT users should have strong competency in the programs they use, ensuring flexibility in the face of new challenges and versatility when things don’t go to plan. In addition, we also believe that users need to be able to solve any issues quickly and completely, and that their IT systems should always be available to them.

    The Importance of Efficiency

    educational supportWith basic training in the right areas, users can save on average 15 minutes per day. Only considering the time cost (based on five day week) this equates to over six working days lost over the course of a year (every year). For this reason and many others, KJL know training is an essential part of increasing efficiency and improving service delivery. In addition, training and development has been shown to greatly improve staff retention and therefore reduce the ongoing cost of recruitment. Our training sessions focus on common programs, such as our Advanced Microsoft courses and specialist industry software, including Kerridge and DQMS.

    To provide the foundation for staff development we have invested in a full training centre with on-site parking and air-conditioning, based at our head office in Basildon.

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