Rev8 Kerridge Support Services, Kerridge Training and Helpdesk

    KJL support Kerridge Rev8 and Autoline Software solutions, specialising in UK Remote Support and Training.

    KJL Rev8 Admin. For UK Dealerships.

    Working with dealerships across the UK, we offer full support for the Rev8 DMS. Our Kerridge support team is based in the UK and available from 7.30am – 6pm and we have dedicated specialists for the Rev8 system. We can also support Autoline Drive.

    Rev8 Customer Support

    With 20 years experience supporting the Automotive sector, our Kerridge support team are highly fluent in all Rev8 processes and UK based to ensure rapid resolution of any issues in real-time. We offer a rapid response SLA, support Large and small Dealerships with any number of users and also manage licencing.

    Equipment Purchasing and Setup

    Our Technical Team are on hand to manage equipment purchasing, initial setup of the Rev8 system and can manage any changes which may be required. Our setup ensures full access to all features, speed improvements, and that backups are properly managed. Having the proper support in this area ensures maximum uptime.

    We Specialise in Automotive IT Support

    Many of our support customers are based in the Automotive Industry. To meet their requirements we have intimate knowledge of dealership setups, including all required devices and knowledge of best practices.


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    Kerridge Rev8 Specialists

    The KJL instant response team are available Monday to Friday, from 07:30 to 18:00 and 08:30 to 13:00 on Saturday. They can quickly resolve technical problems, such as resetting login credentials, solving issues related to Rev8 software or remotely configuring hardware. We also offer UK on-site support and Kerridge training.

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    Get the most from your investment in the Kerridge Rev8 DMS

    Administration from Anywhere

    Our Rev8 Kerridge support is designed to be fast, simple and flexible according to our customers needs. We manage the majority of support by connecting directly to user devices via an Endpoint Agent. This approach not only greatly reduces the required travel time, but is also great for importing settings to get users back up and running as soon as possible.

    Our Kerridge support specialists are also able to manage the introduction of new modules and services. This may include migration to Drive or to the K-Cloud. As hosting providers ourselves, with a support team who are fully trained and qualified Microsoft Engineers, we are able to diagnose any issue, anywhere in the setup.


    Kerridge Rev8: Supporting Integration

    Kerridge Rev8 and the Kerridge Autoline software packages are innovative, flexible (modular) and essential if you’re looking for a professional approach to dealership management. With our Rev8 Support, each module integrates seamlessly, enabling you to control every aspect of sales, finance, trading, logistics, and general day-to-day management.

    Perfect for any Business – Large or Small

    Our rev8 Kerridge Support Service is available to all businesses in the UK. We can support you if you are running a small business from a single location; and equally support you if you have several dealerships with a network of showrooms. From two users to several thousand – KJL’s Rev8 Kerridge Support Team will ensure they have the platform to keep business moving.

    Professional Kerridge Training and Support Services

    Why not speak to us right now? One of our Kerridge Support team will be happy to help!

    Looking Ahead to the Future with KJL’s Kerridge Support


    Additional Services: Kerridge Training and Development

    Our Kerridge Rev8 specialists carry our user training throughout the year. Kerridge training helps users to prepare for changes, gets new employees up to speed quickly and ensures that the system is being used correctly throughout the business. We are also able to build development requirements and work directly with the Kerridge development team to keep any projects on track.

    Proven technology deployments such as Rev8 can fail to maximise return on investment if not integrated into the business environment and users are not trained and supported.

    We believe that all IT users should have strong competency in the programs they use, ensuring flexibility in the face of new challenges and versatility when things don’t go to plan. For this reason we run regular general training and specific training for Rev8 users – both via webinars and site visits.

    Rev8 Setup – On-premise or in the Cloud

    Rev8 can be deployed on-premise (on your hardware) or hosted in the K-cloud. We fully support both of these options, ensuring total security against data theft and offer a range of disaster recovery and business continuity options to protect our customers if the worst does happen.

    Moving to Kerridge Autoline Drive

    With Rev8 now a legacy product, their new DMS ‘Drive’ is the direct replacement. The Drive solution offers a range of key advantages over the Rev8 system. Our Support Team are fully trained and ready to support Autoline Drive customers. To find out more about this support or to learn more about the Autoline Drive switchover process, please contact us directly now by calling 01268 627111 or email