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    Website Hosting

    We design, host and manage super-fast websites.

    Our Website Hosting extends to a range of additional digital services and the creation of bespoke web-based solutions as required.

    Examples include: Ecommerce stores, HR systems ,  Intranet sites,  LMS and commercial websites.

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    Software Hosting

    Our servers ensure rapid, non-stop software delivery.

    Software hosting also extends to process optimisation and the protection business critical functions, with industry leading uptime.

    This includes: real-time robust firewall protection, automated data backups and software integration.

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    File Sharing

    Our Cloud Platform ensures total network protection.

    Our file sharing platform and hybrid Cloud infrastructure ensure total device protection and offer total administrative control over files.

    Key features include: remote device lock-down, lightweight previewing and collaboration tools.

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    Dynamic Cloud

    Based in the UK, our dedicated Cloud hosting platforms offer key advantages including a 24/7, 365 service level agreement (with 99%+ uptime); accreditations including ISO 27001 / 9001 / 14001 and PCI DSS Compliance.

    KJL Cloud servers are fully supported and protected against attacks and downtime – perfect for websites (including eCommerce), software solutions and hosted file server environments.

    They are also customisable with our partner software to maximise resilience, speed and security. Cloud software partners include: Symantec, NetJapan and ESET.





    Dell PowerEdge 12G family image, featuring PowerEdge M520 blade servers in a PowerEdge M1000e modular blade enclosure, a PowerEdge T320 tower server, and PowerEdge R320, R420, and R520 rack servers.


    Advanced Business Cloud Setup

    • Latest Generation Dell PowerEdge Servers.
    • Included Maintenance and Patch Updates.
    • Cisco ASA Firewall as Standard.
    • Data Recovery / Bandwidth Insurance
    • 100% Network Uptime Guarantee
    • Carbon Neutral Hosting


    The Advantages of KJL Hybrid Cloud


    A KJL Hybrid Cloud setup allows transmitted data to be processed in real-time via bespoke web-based software. It also means that a wide range of devices are able to connect, with data processed prior to delivery.

    This setup is possible by connecting basic Cloud storage with advanced servers running special programs, primarily which are designed to protect the data travelling into and out of the system. Examples of hybrid Cloud services include Firewall Protection, Dynamic Web Filtering, Document Access Control and Anti-Virus.



    All KJL hosting environments servers are routinely monitored and tested to ensure maximum performance, with advanced threat prevention, business continuity best practice and full compliance with regulatory factors.



    Your Files and Applications are…

    Just One Click Away…


    KJL Hosting options extend to almost any IT application or service, including mobile and desktop services.

    Within our UK data centre we offer specialised single-tenant environments for business software, mobile apps, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS and shared environments for web portals, intranet sites and large web domains.

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    IT Hosting


    Take an Information Pack

    In many cases small and large businesses are paying an inflated price for hosting applications without receiving the high level of service or quality we can offer. If you would like to test out a hosted solution then we offer 5 day trials for new customers.

    See how we can help by downloading our free information pack. If you have any specific questions or would like us to create a quote for you, please contact us directly via email or telephone.

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    KJL Website Hosting

    Want to speak to someone who ‘gets it’?

    Websites are important. Our experienced web designers are able to update existing websites or develop a range of features for new web projects. With no pressure we can discuss your needs and clearly demonstrate what our services and solutions can do for your business.

    If you are just looking for web hosting, we offer simple and cost effective alternatives to overpriced agencies. Our stable web-platforms are ideal for enterprises to take their next step on their commercial journey.

    Call our friendly service team now on 01268 627111 for more information or to book a meeting.


    What’s so good about KJL Websites?

    29725727 - modern flat responsive web design vector illustration devicesA big part of what we do is gaining a clear understanding our customer’s objectives and practices. In this sense we are a dedicated partner, appreciating specific needs and applying the perfect web solution for the problem. Our background is business and operationally focused, meaning we don’t have any hidden costs or upselling strategy.

    In short, our websites maximise the effectiveness of the internet as a selling tool, whilst properly managing the introduction of new ideas and marketing strategies. Working this way, we ensure progressive development of online presence and increases to sales opportunities without unnecessary capital investment.



    Take an Information Pack

    Get more information about our Web Design and Development Services with our easy-to-read service breakdown.

    If you have any specific questions or would like us to create a quote for you, please contact us directly via email or telephone.

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    KJL Software Hosting

    60560552 - illustration of a software solution which allows users to control their server equipment in data centersKJL: Leaders in Cloud Software Development
    Unlike many software providers who try and spot profitable gaps in the market, our developers have spent many years facing the specific challenges in our client’s industries. Instead, we create solutions that meet critical needs and require the transit of business critical data. We employ 256 AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) across our hosted environments.

    60560554 - illustration of a software solution for payments, technical and control of different hosting aspectsKJL Software hosting environments are fully optimised for SaaS Solutions, ensuring the highest uptime, optimal read / write speeds, resilient setups and full business continuity protocols. This includes 2 minute backup boot servers.

    Our software hosting setup caters to all different types of program, including those which employ offline syncing and data traffic from mobile apps. All software hosting environments offer 24/7, 365 support and rapid recovery as standard.


    The Advantages of Hosting.

    Hosted or Cloud-based servers reduce IT workload, assist in managing and protecting vital business functions effectively and empower Senior Management with key analytics data, viewable in real-time on any device. Our Cloud Infrastructure team ensure everything works harmoniously, keeping licencing costs to a minimum and providing top quality support for our customers.