KJL Comms Room Refit Service

    A simple but effective service to help ensure all IT environments are managed properly, with the correct set and security in place to protect the business.

    Our Comms Room Refit Service is available to all of our support clients. Depending on specific needs we are able to work overnight or any day of the week. If you are not currently a customer, an IT audit is required with an IT site member on hand.

    • Hands-Off & Worry-Free

    • Optimised IT Setup

    • Easy to Upgrade &¬†Audit

    This service includes:

    • Migration of existing setup to a clean and fresh new cabinet.
    • Re-cabling and patching for phone and Ethernet networks
    • Optimising switches and other network devices.

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    KJL Out and About

    Over the years we have carried out large overhauls of IT infrastructure including a wide variety of new builds and clean-up services. Our Engineers are highly experienced and professional, on-hand to ask any questions about existing setups and advise towards the best course of action.

    Before Comms Refit

    Before 1 Before 2 Before 3 Before 4 Before 5 Before 6 Before 7

    After Comms Refit

    After 1 After 2 After 3 After 4 After 5

    After 6 After 7


    Office Moves

    We are always on hand to help our customers install new equipment, move infrastructure between locations or migrate existing infrastructure to new workplaces. This service can be invaluable to our customers.

    Full Support

    Our team are able to manage IT environments effectively, able to give a clear summary of an IT setup and what will be required in the near future to properly manage ongoing inventment.

    Alternatively, why not move to the Cloud?

    Outsourcing data management and processing to a Cloud platform can have significant advantages in security, Cap Ex, upgrades, business flexibility and general speed of IT equipment.

    KJL Cloud Setups feature….


    Redundant Networks

    Our setup features advanced protection against downtime, with resilient networks which are fully backed up at two different locations in the UK.

    Quality Hardware

    We regularly upgrade our Cloud-based servers, using only the best Dell Blades to deliver websites, software and file management.

    Migration Assistance

    Using our tried and tested changeover documents, all data and processes can be switched rapidly to our hosting space. Requires no downtime.

    Highly Flexible

    We are meticulous about the solutions we run and the setup we favour for our hosted environments. Designed for total reliability and speed, our setup is among the best in the UK.

    Is your business in a growth spurt? Does your site experience traffic spikes? Do you want to setup a specific operating system or control panel?

    Ask us about our Cloud services. We will build a setup that will help you accomplish great things.

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