Managed Printing Services

    Reduce costs with a professional setup

    Why should I learn about printing costs?

    Some things in business are not especially interesting, however that doesn’t mean they don’t have a huge influence over the way it operates. Printing is one those areas where companies totally underestimate the amount that they spend. In a recent study by Xerox, it was shown that even senior Directors underestimate printing costs by between 30-40%.

    As specialists we offer research and analysis services to produce real figures. Once introduced, our print solutions can free up budgets in other areas of the business, effectively assisting with growth and development.

    The right solution for the right business model.

    Businesses are unique. Yes, they all have a product or service and a customer base, but beyond that the sky is pretty much the limit. Some companies send mail-outs to prospective customers, others regularly post invoices and newsletters, and some companies do almost everything digitally, with printers which almost never get used.

    At Kevin James, we are not interested in selling printers, instead we focus on ensuring the best client outcomes. This typically means developing a print solution which reduces cost, eases stress and ensures a setup that works in the best interest of all employees.

    We specialise in Automotive Sector Print Solutions.
    We integrate with Dealer Management Systems including the Kerridge K-Print service. This enables automation of high speed PDF printing.


    Want to improve the quality of printing instead?

    Alternatively, we also offer purchasing to improve output of print items with support covering setup, cloud services and administration as required.

    • Greater output capabilities, enabling new business opportunities.
    • Reduced operating costs and increased throughput.
    • Greater consistency, improved printer uptimes and optimised setup.


    Managed printing service

    We offer an end-to-end print management service.

    This includes analysis, proposal and management.

    Our analysis covers the total cost of managing and optimising printers, their output, and the people and processes that support these devices. All proposals consider printer information including maintenance and high usage users. Further management involves the protection of manufacturer warranty and support through network controls.

    Costs and processes included within our evaluation and proposal include:

    • Office workers, mobile workers and production print operations.
    • External printing, offset printing, mailing and distribution.
    • IT support, technical service, maintenance and change requests.
    • Paper, ink, toner and other supplies and consumables.


    Did you know?

    Printer costs can represent as much as 15% of annual spending.


    Our Managed Printing Service:



    Site Audit

    Formal assessment of current printing infrastructure.


    Monitoring, managing and optimising total print output.


    Clear roadmap to company-wide efficiency.

    Carbon Reduction

    Significantly reducing environmental footprint and energy cost.


    Providing easy, cost effective and secure printing access.

    Bespoke Setup

    Network management and full IT systems integration.

    Seamless Upgrading

    Guiding change management.


    Turning paper-based processes into automated, digital ones.

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