Managed Sedao Image Flyer

    Turning digital screens into profit making machines!

    KJL offer a highly versatile display solution, suitable for a range of purposes including digital advertising; real-time updating noticeboards; large (32″+) touchscreen applications; and live TV feeds for waiting areas.


    Works on any screen.

    The Sedao Image Flyer solution is flexible to meet the needs of business.

    This digital solution can connect to any screen via VGA or HDMI, with full HD display even on the latest technology. Sedao Image Flyer supports all common file formats, inlcuding .avi .mov and .mp4.

    This solution also supports multiple connections to different screens from a single device, but please note that presentations are created to the dimensions of the screen (ie. they do not populate dynamically).

    Future Proofed.

    Sedao Image Flyer works with the latest technologies.

    This version of the Sedao Image Flyer solution (V2) was developed in 2015 to integrate with a wide range of technologies and software. This includes live TV feeds from satellite boxes, sound inputs, sound outputs and includes a USB 3 port to ensure the fastest possible connection to external devices.

    With a 320GB HDD and Intel processor, this machine is capable of managing a wide range of tasks if required.


    With Sedao Image Flyer, creating and customising adverts or display information is easy!

    Whether managing this service in-house or outsourcing to our digital team, creating and deploying new Sedao Image Flyer presentations is a simple 4 step process.


    Gather together images and setup any inputs (eg. live TV / Website Feeds).


    Design presentations or choose an existing template.


    Create schedule. Includes custom, daily, weekly or date-based options.


    Update existing content and introduce new promotional materials.


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    See the Sedao Image Flyer solution in action and let your imagination run wild!

    The true beauty of this display solution is the applicability for a wide range of uses. It can be used to offer fantastic time based offers directly to customers in-store, or even used in conjunction with other solutions from our partners.

    This video shows just one of those uses:


    Package Support (Per Month) Price (Per Month)
    Self Managed 3 Hours


    Remote Sedao support.

    Device monitoring

    Software updates.

    No media.

    £25 Order
    Half Managed 6 Hours


    Remote Sedao support.

    Device monitoring,

    Software updates.

    User Training

    Design publication assistance.

    £125 Order
    Fully Managed 12 Hours


    Remote Sedao support.

    Device monitoring,

    Software updates.

    User Training

    Design consultancy,

    Preparation (bespoke)

    Design assistance.

    £275 Order

    Cloud hosting option only £25 more per month.

    Update a large number of presentations at once, with full user control and scheduling.

    Sedao Image Flyer Solution Features

    We offer professional services to introduce and rollout impacting digital advertising or a highly effective informational tool for customers.

    • Live updates to display content.
    • Incorporates any media (inlcuding Live TV).
    • Professional in-house design service.
    • Full scheduling for presentations.
    • Live animation and image cycling.
    • Fully supported with remote monitoring.