Smoothwall. Advanced tools for Unified Threat Management (UTM).

    The Smoothwall solution is a powerful web filtering, internet monitoring and firewall protection tool which provides complete protection for modern business. Smoothwall is an expansive and powerful solution which is highly effective at managing all manner of business threats: It offers real-time content awareness and instant analysis of all web-based content on every single machine connected to a network, including anonymous devices. Over the past five years it has grown into one of the UK’s favourite web filtering providers for large companies, all of which have many users who access their systems with their own mobile devices.

    The Web You Want.

    Smoothwall’s range of powerful, convenient and cost-effective UTM appliances combine robust protection with powerful best in class hardware. Smoothwall devices are designed to protect your network and your users, come pre-configured to run right out of the box and operate 24-7, 365 days a year.

    Managing 21st century Threats

    Smoothwall combines full network security with Advanced Firewall hardware, Guardian Web Security content fitering, Bit Defender, VPN, Mailshell anti-spam and a host of other features such as; load-balancing and optional QoS bandwidth management – all designed to optimise network security and performance.


    A Brief Overview

    Get to grips with this powerful solution! From Facebook to Malware and Pop-ups to Policies, The Smoothwall UTM Solution can manage the full spectrum of new Security challenges.

    For more information regarding how Smoothwall can be used within certain settings such as Schools and Universities, please contact us directly.

    Key Features

    For a brief overview please see below, but for a more in-depth review of the software please contact us directly to setup a demonstration.

    • Perimeter Firewall. Reliable and trusted firewall with IDS, IPS and stateful packet inspection
    • Bit Defender. Protection against fast evolving web-borne threats
    • VPN Gateway. A fully featured VPN Gateway supporting L2TP, IPSec + SSL
    • Guardian Web Filter. Enterprise quality Dynamic Content Analysis with ‘who, when, what and where’ policy tools
    • Email Security. Integrated anti-spam and anti-phishing from Mailshell.
    • Load Balancer. Both incoming and outgoing traffic balanced across two or more connections.




    Smoothwall Unified Threat Management

    Protect Your Business. Protect Your Network. Protect Your User.

    The Smoothwall solution is delivered via powerful, dedicated and cost-effective UTM hardware appliance, specifically designed to protect both network and users at every level. This hardware combines full network and port security functions with the Smoothwall Advanced Firewall, Guardian Web Security content filtering, Bit Defender, VPN, Mailshell anti-spam and a host of other features such as; load-balancing and optional QoS bandwidth management. All of these tools work towards greatly enhancing  network security and performance.

    Smoothwall Hardware Options

    The Smoothwall solution is designed to meet the needs of any size business, however to keep costs low they offer a range of options depending on the company size. Click the image to enlarge the options or you can contact us directly if you are not sure what option would best suit your business needs.

    Most of the configuration is managed during the setup process, however we can manage every step of the purchasing, implementation and administration of the Smoothwall solution. While this solution is not available as a fully managed service, we are able to administer and provide immediate support to any location in the UK.

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    Smoothwall: Core Modules

    Perimeter Firewall

    Perimeter security prevents the bad guys, their attacks, viruses, spyware and malware from ever getting beyond the gatekeeper to your network. Controls the Internet services users can access, as well as performing the traditional role of blocking access to hackers and other Internet threats.

    Intrusion Detection (IPS)

    Logs intrusion attempts and gives, through reporting, an overall view of the attacks occurring to your systems.

    Guardian Web Security

    The Guardian Web Security module provides fully featured web security and content filtering (as opposed to simplistic blocking based on URL alone).

    Guardian dynamically analyses, understands and categorises web pages so that all undesirable material and hidden content (including viruses, malware, anonymous proxies and browser exploits) can be accurately detected and blocked. Time based controls facilitate flexible and user-friendly filtering and advanced reporting tools help managers to monitor, understand and interpret web use.

    Email Security

    The integrated email security module protects mail servers and user inboxes by enforcing email security at the network perimeter, before threats reach their intended targets. Support for the highly effective Mailshell anti-spam engine means unwanted emails can also be accurately identified and eliminated.

    VPN Gateway

    All models include a fully featured VPN gateway that supports site-to-site (inter office) VPN connectivity to both Smoothwall and other manufacturers’ systems, as well as clientless Secure Remote Access for mobile users, home workers and wireless connections. (L2TP, IPSec & SSL)

    Internal Firewall

    The internal firewall allows local networks and DeMilitarised Zones (DMZs) to be segregated into multiple physically separate zones, with policy based user-level control of who can access what systems and services in other zones. Segregation protects mission critical systems and confidential information from accidental access, inquisitive users or malicious interference.

    Load Balancer

    Both outgoing and incoming traffic can be load balanced across two or more connections, or use protocol specific routing to separate high priority traffic onto a dedicated connection. In the event of an ISP/connection failure, all affected traffic is automatically re-routed to an alternate connection.



    Customer Testimonials:


    “Prior to the Smoothwall UTM-1000, we were relying on 3 separate boxes to handle Spam, Web-filtering, and Web-based antivirus/exploit scanning. With the UTM-1000, we’ve been able to reclaim the use of those 3 servers, and productivity has become very smooth. We no longer have 3 separate boxes to reboot, and check if there are problems with. This product is everything it claims, and then some. My only regret is that I can’t justify buying another 2-3 of them, since 1 is handling the entire workload.”

    Shawn Markins, HBE Corporation

    “The UTM-1000 has proven to be everything we have come to expect from Smoothwall and a lot more. Right from the initial installation and configuration of the unit we have found it a joy to work with, I am still astounded by the power and control this little 1U unit has given us over not only our end user network, but we now rely totally on it for our Office LAN, WAN management, Line Load Balancing and it also handles the security for our internal servers and our public client servers. The UTM-1000 is a truly astounding little power house of features that you just cannot find in other similar appliances. I could post flowers all day about it, Smoothie GPL served me well for so many years, the choice is a no brainer!”

    Nigel Crump, DSS

    Smoothwall accreditations


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