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    KJL Workplace – Simple and Secure Cloud File Sharing Solution

    Workplace is a remarkably easy to use solution that enables team members to safely access, manage, organize, collborate and share files securely from any device, anywhere. Designed as a fully inclusive and secure file sharing solution for business, Workplace extends files and programs available at the office to anywhere in the world, and onto any device.

    It provides key features such as built-in advanced content security, including version sign-off  and lock-down document protection.

    • Mobile Productivity
    • Content Privacy
    • Secure Collaboration
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    Workplace - File Sharing Concept

    Productivity. Another name for getting things done.

    Modern workers need flexibility and remote access to a range of information. Whether it’s showing designs on a tablet in a client meeting, using a laptop to crunch numbers on the train or just accessing those all important sales documents at home, they need remote access to do their job effectively. As such, over the past few years it has increasingly become the responsibility of employers to ensure workers can do this safely and easily. Workplace meets these needs by providing a Cloud file sharing platform focused on security, flexibility and ease of use .

    • Share 40 file types with ultra low data use (in-built previewer.)
    • Cross-device collaboration, management and administration.
    • Online and Offline access with ‘Smart Sync’ capability.
    • Version control, backups and Scan to PDF storage.

    Security. Protecting the files which matter most.


    As the responsibility of employers to provide access to an approved Cloud file sharing solution increases, so too does the need for security. As more data is transferred outside of the business, risk of breaking data protection laws can increase. In this sense, any viable file sharing application must recognise the importance of security: ensuring corporate data cannot be leaked or hacked.

    Introducing a single system which meets these demands is a highly cost-effective way to achieve this. Rather than developing expansive internal data transmission policies and introducing tight controls over work locations, the KJL Workplace solution offers a robust, powerful and easy-to-use which provides comprehensive protection for file sharing in business.

    • 256-bit AES Encryption in-session, in-transit and on-device.
    • Policy-based control of content, users and devices.
    • Share content with password-protected and auto-expire links.
    • Download / copy prevent and built-in remote wipe capabilities.
    • Two-factor authentication and inactivity session timers.
    • IP Address White Listing (access only from approved devices or locations).

    A Secure Cloud File Sharing Solution. Connecting teams based around the world.

    The continued increase of remote and mobile workforces, coupled with the need for users to work and collaborate efficiently, has led the emergent trend of ‘BYOD’ (bring your own device) which concerns unsecure employee devices connecting to business IT systems. This has had an exposing impact on security, opening up new compliance risks and potential methods of hacking into previously thought closed IT systems.

    These factors look set to rise. Gartner predicts half of employees will be required to use their own device for work purposes by 2017. In response to this demand Workplace, powered by the Autotask engine, meets these challenges directly. Focusing on key concerns at the user level, it provides lightweight but extremely powerful tools to integrate new devices without compromising business security, device functionality or software utility.

    • Systems integration (AD / Salesforce / Outlook / Office 365).
    • Real-time, multi-platform sync and continuous backup.
    • Cloud-enabled file server with permission controls and smart sync.
    • No file size limits. Lightweight viewing with in-built previewer.



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    In many cases small and large businesses are paying an inflated price for a Secure Cloud File Sharing Solution without receiving the high level of service or quality we can offer. Check out the options for managed hosting from Kevin James to see how we can help by downloading our free information pack.

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    Fully Insured

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    Have Additional Questions?


    Note: If you cannot find the answers you need in this FAQ, why not get in touch with us directly?

    Is Kevin James hosting as fast and as safe as hosting in-house on our own server?

    Yes. We feature the very latest and most powerful technology to offer superior speed and total security across our servers.

    What is bandwidth insurance?

    Servers affected by DDoS attacks or with extremely high peaks in traffic, will NOT incur additional charges.

    Do you do regular security audits?

    Yes. Our annual security audits inspect each and every physical and virtual server platform for threats and vulnerabilities which could allow viruses or hackers to damage, hack or destroy systems.

    Do you offer Data Recovery Insurance?

    Yes. In the rare event a component fails, our recovery process takes over, with the ability to extract and repair even badly damaged data.

    Can I test the System First?

    To experience our cutting-edge Cloud hosting service, we offer a hosted demonstration system. To find out more and discuss requirements, contact our hosting team directly on 01268 627111.

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