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    Ensuring consistent updates to core technology across the business with fully managed costs. Suitable for any budget.



    Introducing full enterprise Web Security and Cloud Backup management to protect business investment.

    Remote Support


    Enabling rapid support for users anywhere in the world, on any device. Also includes remote configuration and server updates.

    Taking Over Internal IT Support

    Many companies have ineffective IT support. KJL IT Outsourcing offers a rapid IT support service which considers both the user and the business as a whole. Rather than endlessly fighting fires, we focus on the cause of the fire in the first place, ensuring all systems are managed properly, kept neat and tidy, and are fit for their intended purpose.

    Over the past four years we have taken on the support for a range of new companies, all with different requirements. Our flexibility and wide reaching technical knowledge allows us to work with our clients to actively improve all IT support processes.

    Reducing Cost across the Business

    In addition to an expansive history managing IT environments for businesses in the UK, we work with all budget sizes. Within these guidelines we optimise and streamline purchasing to ensure a company is able to focus on the tools which are most crucial to them.

    Factors such as printing, electricity usage and repetitive tasks may seem unimportant in the short-term, but in the long run we are able to save a significant sum of money – which can them be repurposed to generate new revenue for the business.


    KJL help UK companies achieve their goals through IT outsourcing


    41499089 - colored vector illustration of system development life cycleKJL Managed IT Solutions

    KJL IT Outsourcing inlcudes a Solution Management service. We work with a number of partners within the IT industry who are world leaders in updating core areas of business. Our Managed Solution service covers the full scope of usage and outlining of requirements for the solution to work effectively within a business. This also includes full UK based support for users.

    This service includes technical support; day-to-day operational efficiency control; configuration and upgrades; and backup / restoration management. This also covers Change Management and the introduction of new solutions into the business.

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    Securing an outsourced IT team that can help business grow and expand

    KJL offer a range of services connected with business. This gives us the scope to solve any number of potential issues and provides our customers with a single point of contact to make a wide number of changes as required. This has a huge impact both on the working relationships we have with our customers and greatly reduces the time required to get manage a large number of updates within the business.

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    Multiple Cloud-based options

    Reduce Support Costs. Easy Updates. Greater Protection.

    60302078 - digital world - networks, iot and cloud computing, business and it management concept design with icons

    KJL IT Outsourcing extends into a range of Cloud-based Services. Many solutions now operate in the Cloud in order to reduce the cost of support, ensure proper version control and to oversee licencing. In this sense almost every company in the world now uses the Cloud to meet at least one of their needs.

    This change has meant that companies often do not need to purchase their own server environments or have their own IT teams to support complex setups. Where in the past they would have to host software in-house, and would use this environment to store their files and manage other technology, today the requirement to spend tens of thousands of pounds is not as strict. This gives them the option to outsource the management of IT environments to an external provider.

    Many of the new options available on the Cloud remove the cost of IT ownership entirely. In addition, modern Cloud service providers ensure total security right across an IT setup, with regularly checked backups, full business continuity and a far greater scope for making changes in the future.

    cloud_finalBroadly speaking, Cloud Services can be broken up into three types: Infrastructure (as a service), Web Hosting and Software (as a service). Infrastructure is designed to hold files and ensure data is kept private. Web Hosting services can be used to provide access to public information from anywhere, or provide a platform for applications to be used on different devices, anywhere in the world.

    Software run as a service on the internet is a key advance of the 21st century. It allows for the delivery of a software program to any location in the world – regardless of the power of that machine or the programs it currently has installed. Software as a Service is all about delivering dynamically generated information in real-time. Almost all programs created today are designed to be web-based (SaaS).

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    Regular Revitalisation

    KJL fully appreciate the challenges that changes in technology can bring. While many businesses believe that their technology will naturally improve, this is often not the case. For a number of reasons, updating technology is often done reactively – ie. When something breaks or needs replacing – rather than when it starts to cause problems for users. Companies then pay large amounts to get these systems working, with little or no thought about backups or the impact that using unreliable systems can have on users.

    This can be extremely costly, both in terms of morale and stress, and can have knock-on effects in the longer term. KJL take a very different approach to IT systems within business. We understand the full range of risks faced by our customer’s businesses and have taken steps to improve internal systems in order to reduce cost and mitigate the risk of breakage. Sometimes this means moving an old in-house system to a website, for instance, or simply performing upgrades to older machines to make sure they are still viable for business.


    Effective Change Management

    11596136 - changes ahead concept in word cloug on white backgroundPart of our commitment to customers is assisting them through IT changes and providing a strong team to assist with common challenges faced by users. This may include administration of web-portals, user training, creating software support resources or just providing everyday IT assistance.

    In all cases we ensure the process of Change Management is properly recognised as a key factor when introducing technology. We secure buy-in at all levels of the organisation to ensure all changes have a positive effect and generate highly successful outcomes.


    Additional Outsourced Services include:

    Website Management

    Web / Print Design

    Copywriting / Content Creation

    SEO / Adwords


    (Beginner) Photoshop & Adobe Creative cloud

    (Beginner) General IT Skills. Includes web design.

    (Intermediate) Digital Marketing