As professional IT Service providers, KJL work with a range of successful businesses in the UK . As organisations evolve, a need for powerful solutions to properly manage areas of business emerges. KJL are a trusted partner in helping customers asses emergent requirements and introduce solutions to overcome any and all challenges they face.

    What is a KJL Managed Solution?

    43794026 - vector teamwork skills icon of businessman with gears building engine togetherA Managed Solution is a tried and tested piece of software: configured; installed; tested; and supported by the Service Team at KJL. Managed Solutions are designed to enhance the efficiency of existing operations, improve consistency in target areas or provide greater security, quality of data and business intelligence for Senior Management. All solutions we recommend and deliver offer an outstanding level of service, reliability and consistency across critical areas of business.

    With a range of in-house technical knowledge and almost two decades introducing Managed Solutions for business, KJL have the skills to ensure a solution is fully utilised and all spending is streamlined.

    What Managed Solutions do KJL offer?

    KJL offer a wide variety of solutions from our partner companies. We have strong relationships with all the providers we work with, but are always looking to forge new partnerships with ground-breaking companies who can offer real value to our customers. Our Managed Solutions help customers manage key business areas including:

    Web Security: Smoothwall UTM Hacker Guardian PCI Compliance NetJapan Backups

    Operational Efficiency: Outlook Exchange Workplace File Sharing Merlin PBX (VoIP) Managed Printing

    Branding / Marketing: Exclaimer Signature Manager Sedao Display Advertising


    ezgif_com-video-to-gifHelping Business operate Effectively

    KJL specialise in ensuring businesses operate smoothly, with their main IT concerns taken care of. This means connecting security, operational and additional marketing services together in unison with networks. Using a Managed Solutions provider ensures rapid user support, far greater integration of software packages and a resource to grow and improve operations over time.


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    Download more information

    • Smoothwall: Dynamic Web Filtering & Protection

      Smoothwall: Advanced Web Protection

    • NetJapan: World Class Backup and BCM Solution

      Smoothwall: Advanced Web Protection

    • Gemini Systems: Cloud DMS Hosting

      Smoothwall: Advanced Web Protection

    • Microsoft: Enterprise & Business Exchange Service

    • Workplace: Secure Cloud File Sharing

    • Merlin: Hosted PBX (VoIP Service)

    • Exclaimer: Outlook Signature Manager

    • Sedao Display Advertising