PROStruction. The Revolutionary Construction Software Solution.

    PROStruction is a powerful web-based solution which manages the full scope of Construction Industry requirements on a single platform. It is designed to fit different company types and covers a majority of the challenges facing many main and sub-contractors.

    Originally developed in 2003 to efficiently manage Contractor payments (via our legacy software CPMS), today the updated SaaS solution introduces key advances to operational efficiency, site security and enforcing robust project controls. PROStruction delivers a single platform that effectively works to improve operations in all areas of the construction sector.

    Developed with leading Construction Companies

    This exciting platform has been created collaboratively with large national construction companies to ensure processes are optimised, leveraging advanced Biometric scanning, 4G technologies, Project Management and fully integrated tax and payments.

    Construction Software


    Construction Software for the UK Market

    This solution is based in the UK, and focuses on specific challenges in the Construction Industry. This includes being accessible and user-friendly for non native speakers and requires little to no technical expertise to manage on a day-to-day basis. All on-site technology included is designed to operate effectively anywhere in the world, even in dusty, wet or cold conditions. The on-site biometric unit is designed to operate effectively during power outages: it operates from a single 240v power supply, with an internal battery pack which can run for three days independently as required.

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    PROStruction Solution Features

    The PROStruction solution is expansive, covering the entire scope of requirements within a single system. For a breakdown of the features please see below, but for a more in-depth review of the solution, please contact us directly to setup a demonstration.

    • Time and Attendance Solution with activity logs for each user.
    • Full Project Management tools.
    • 4G private Cloud Solution for Biometrics.
    • Contractor Registration Wizard.
    • HSE tools (training records / red cards).
    • Access to a single Biometric network across all active sites.
    • Supplier and Contractor Directory.
    • CIS Tax Management and Payments.
    • File Sharing and Client Communications.
    • Real-time Site Monitoring and Rollcall.
    • Purchasing and Worker Oversight.
    • Plot Management (Measured Works, Prelim Targets, Variations).


    Custom Biometric Scanning for Attendance, Security and Payments

    For effectively managing multiple construction sites.
    PROStruction Scanning Station
    PROStruction Scanning Station
    PROStruction Scanning Station - Construction Software
    PROStruction Scanning Station - Construction Software


    Modern Construction Software

    Compatible on all devices, anywhere in the world.

    End-to-end Contractor and Project Management

    The PROStruction Solution enables real-time management of Construction Projects

    PROStruction provides an up-to-date configurable dashboard which allows site managers to assess projects and monitor who is on site at all times. It also provides details of activity across the sites and details of individual actions over a defined period of time or based around a specific construction site. This process is designed to hold a large amount of data while remaining easy-to-use on a day-to-day basis. Both contractors and internal staff can be introduced through Biometric registrations.

    In-Built Permissions Control

    PROStruction has over 300 different permission controls allowing us to setup user groups or individual users to a granular access level.  From project management through to tax submissions, the scope of permissions allows system administrators to ensure that system users only have access to areas of the system which are valid for their respective role within the business.  These permissions also extend to sub-contractors being able to access information about them including pending payment applications, tax statements and training records.

    Sub-Contractor Profiles

    PROStruction Construction Software -profile

    Sub-contractor profiles have a full history of work completed (including payment and training records) and also includes notes regarding past work. Profiles provide instant access to key documents such as CSCS details (with card scan), training sign-offs (dated with reminders to re-train), immigration / VISA control, insurance details and tax code information. The profile also include a biometric signature, unique to that individual, which gives a clear record of attendance at different site locations.

    If individuals do not have all of these details in the system, they will be prompted to provide them immediately and warned that they must do so before they are cleared to work, all managed by their biometric signature.

    On-site Project Management

    PROStruction Construction Software - site managementPROStruction has a highly effective built-in Project Management tool. This offers real-time updates for job progress, site inspections and a full breakdown of both labour and material spending. The system also features a Client Relationship Management (CRM) module. This allows Project Managers to securely share costing information (to get sign-off if required), documents, images or files.

    The Project Management tool is focused around Plot Development and includes the full spectrum of considerations such as Measured Works, Prelim Targets, Variations (with alerts), detailed Spend Analysis (budget remaining / labour cost / materials) and time-stamped activity reporting.

    More about PROStruction Project Management

    Plot Management through Measured Works.

    The PROStruction offers granular levels of detail in regards to project costing. Within the system each plot has a target activity for that area. PROStruction records labour costs at the agreed rate as per the original tender. All costing requires approval from the relevant Quantity Surveyor (QS) associated to that project before payments are released.

    Recording and Signing off Costs

    Plot build data within projects is linked directly with contractors, providing a platform which can be used to share detailed information and manage payments effectively at the same time. This revolutionary approach ensures that all elements of projects are fully accounted for and represented at all different levels of management.

    Prelim targets and Variations

    PROStruction also considers additional factors which are unique to the Construction Industry including further investigation of sites before costing can be started and adjustments to original costing. Again, these must be signed off by a QS or Senior Manager within the system.

    Setting up the System

    Setting up the solution is begins by importing a list of contractors and sub-contractors from Excel, then creating work groups within the system – administered by our implementation team. Projects are then assigned to groups and individuals in real-time, ensuring all work is covered and giving instant feedback about work schedules. From here, the process leads into providing a clear view of requirements and information, including any relevant documentation and files which are needed before work can begin.

    Once work has been assigned, Estimators and Project Managers can commence input of costing and provide updates as work begins (plots, measures, prelims). This platform features granular permission controls and custom hierarchies, depending on the contractor relationship. For instance, a new contractor may require sign-offs for every job, where trusted contractors may have more scope for managing parts of projects themselves.

    State-of the Art Biometric Time and Attendance

    Works effectively with dirty hands, through latex gloves and in any weather condition.

    PROStruction Construction Software - ievo

    Working with the World’s leading Biometric scanning product from our partners at ievo, the PROStruction solution offers key features covering Site Security, Automated Timesheets and real-time Site Rollcall.

    Our robust integrated solution meets significant challenges within the Construction industry, such as Insurance liability, ‘Leakage’ and lack of Operational Efficiency.

    Using our unique 4G biometric network, contractor scans are instantly checking the user’s documentation, clearance for work and required HSE training. If any of these requirements are not met, the scanner will turn red – this signals that the user needs to contact their manager immediately. The scanner can either be placed at an entrance to block non-cleared staff access or placed within a staff room as a time-clock and document management solution.

    All scan attempts are recorded within the system and are included within the site access report. The system can be configured to notify Site Managers of both successful and failed scans when using the solution at the respective sites.

    Site Monitoring /  Rollcall Reports

    Using the Biometric scan records, Project Managers are able to instantly see and search for all workers currently on a particular site.  They can also use this feature for a rollcall in case of emergencies or fire and issue Red or Yellow cards to specific individuals or groups instantly.

    Tell me more about the fingerprint scan process

    PROStruction Construction Software - deniedRED LIGHT: Documentation is incomplete or the user is  flagged within the system. The users work hours will not be recorded.PROStruction Construction Software - green

    GREEN LIGHT:  All documentation is present and the user cleared for work. Scan is recorded and linked to payments.

    PROStruction Construction Software-scan-process.


    Three stage Authentication

    PROStruction Construction Software -FingerprintBiometric Scan

    PROStruction Construction Software - document management


    PROStruction Construction Software - id cardID Card

    Site Safety and Security

    Construction site safety and security are at the core of this comprehensive software solution. Biometric scanning allows for real-time monitoring of persons on site, with the ability to instantly notify any employee (via email or on the platform), as well as instantly issue yellow or even red cards to employees. As a solution that utilises unique ID technology which cannot be stolen or manipulated, the system is extremely difficult to fool than any other. This means that information gathered on the system is robust, up-to-date and can be used as key evidence for inspections and compliance tracking.

    PROStruction Construction Software - esignatures-logoTraining is kept up-to-date by another biometric system: eSignatures. these ensure that training is always up-to-date and easy to track. E-Signature training sign-off can be taken on-site from a mobile device, then uploaded into the system instantly via a dynamic and secure real-time link. This reduces the time required to ensure proper training records significantly, which in turn greatly improves safety on-site.

    4G Solution

    With the majority of project work in built-up areas, utilising the growing 4G network makes perfect sense. 4G speeds now average between 5-12Mbps.

    The PROStruction solution synchronises biometric data at regular intervals (with manual updates available for administration). Backups are also scheduled to run throughout the day. Data feeds are fully dedicated to the solution and are unhackable: the 4G system does not transmit a wireless signal. Instead, the connection is hardwired into the hardware, in effect turning it into a fully protected system.

    All transmitted data is protected at rest, in transit and when being received with 256 AES encryption cypher. Our 10Gb network includes multihoming to provide a fully optimised and reactive software hosting platform. Stored data is held securely in facilities based in two separate UK locations: Manchester and London. This ensures no single point of failure. Bandwidth is completely uncontended and aggregated from a leading Tier 1 supplier.

    As a 4G / SaaS solution, PROStruction features uptime of over 99.99%, with the ability to connect on any device, anywhere in the world.


    Actively Raise HSE Standards

    PROStruction Construction Software - Red Card

    Instant Red / Yellow Card System

    PROStruction Construction Software - Hazard

    Safety Checks & Corrective Action

    PROStruction Construction Software - Notify

    Training & Management Review




    Contractor Payments

    Setting up batched payments with approvals.

    The contractor payments engine is at the core of the PROStruction solution. Prior to approval, all company and individual payments can be checked against biometric logs for accuracy. Once payments have been created within the system, and figures have been confirmed, payments are committed and added to the next batch to be processed. Archives of payments are kept within the system to quickly resolve any disputes and ensure there are no duplicate payments.

    Integrated CIS Tax Control

    PROStruction Construction Software - taxCIS Tax is a key component of payments control. The PROStruction solution is integrated with the HMRC web portal via a secured API. This automates payment of tax and ensures there are no tax liabilities within the business.

    Ready for Audit

    PROStruction Construction Software - CIS taxPROStruction actively assists in the creation of detailed reporting for all employees. This includes archiving of all activity across the business, making audits a far more easy and manageable process. In addition, following new legislation in 2014, the penalties for not following government guidelines, such as performing proper background checks on employees, can garner fines of upto £20,000 per employee.

    PROStruction ensures that all checks have been carried out in order to protect operations, brand (or company) reputation and ensure that the company is not liable for any fines for breaching financial recording standards.

    Passport and VISA Management

    One of the key validation steps within the Payments section is Passport and VISA management. All non-UK nationals are required to present their Passport with proof of their right to work in the UK during the contractor registration process. Following new legislation and harsher penalties in the industry, this step exists to protect companies from fines of upto £20,000 per individual.

    More About PROStruction Payments Management

    Company / People Links

    Within the solution, payments are managed through projects, which can be linked directly to an individual, through a company (sub-contractor) or through another individual (ganger). These links are often dependant on the type of work and allows for short term employment while ensuring company protection.

    PROStruction Construction Software - payment control

    The PROStruction Solution: Overview

    The PROStruction solution is designed to tackle many of the key concerns and inefficiencies within the construction industry. While no solution will ever completely solve every potential challenge, the key advances within PROStruction ensure projects operate more effectively, more efficiently and manage key requirements to greatly improve interpersonal communication.

    To date we have rolled out the solution with contractor companies who employs multiple sub-contractors across multiple sites within London and the South East of England. They have seen significant advances to project control and communication since introducing the system to their business, and have had limited friction from staff while implementing the solution itself.

    Reporting and Alerts

    One of the key features of the solution are the communication and business intelligence tools available across all levels of Management. This is primarily managed via the dashboard, which highlights key project information including ongoing tasks, budgeting and contact details for everyone involved (with the option to message through the system, via email or SMS.)

    As a real-time 4G solution it can be accessed anywhere (on tablets or mobile devices too), offering live site information and detailed report for audits. Alerts inform management of security risks (following a ‘red’ entry) with the ability to contact staff directly via SMS announcements (which can be sent to groups, companies or individuals).

    The PROStruction solution ensures greater management control and offers an in-built communication structure that actively promotes strong team leadership. The system also normalises tax auditing, offering full Microsoft integration for all reports, including live site checks for fire drills or emergencies. (API to Excel links)

    About our Infrastructure

    As a Managed Hosting Provider, our SaaS platform works alongside two highly powerful backup, business continuity and restoration solutions from our hosting partner at UKFast. This setup meets the strictest data security requirements while offering world-leading backup, replication, de-duplication and restoration. This system includes rapid recovery, handles multi-volume backups and supports exponential availability.

    Industry leading Cloud software platform

    PROStruction Construction Software - UKFast-Logo

    All backups provide restoration of configuration data and content in the event of server or component failure. Backup servers are run on a separate network, with separate switches and connections at no additional cost. Typically, our backups update weekly but can be tailored to requirements.


    KJL: A Trusted Software Provider. 

    Kevin James Ltd (KJL) have been leading the creation, development and maintenance of a range of industry focused solutions in the UK for almost twenty years. We also support thousands of users on our hosted platforms, providing front-line user support, technical assistance and engineer break / fixes. KJL also have site engineers who are fully trained and certified in the included technologies, working to clear SLA’s to ensure full uptime for all services.

    Full Support Inlcuded

    Kevin james Ltd - KJL PROStruction Construction SoftwareThis solution is fully supported by KJL, who have been developing world-leading software solutions for the Automotive and Construction industry for the past 18 years.

    To learn more about KJL support services click here.

    PROStruction - The Full Site Management Solution

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