Professional Marketing Short Course Essex

    Marketing is an integral part of modern business, and also an industry which has changed a remarkable amount in a short space of time. In order to keep up with the pace of change, often companies need to ensure their employees have the skills that are capable of securing increased business for their organisation.

    About the Full Marketing Training Short Course

    36806129 - people in the form of cursor.This course focuses on digital marketing practices: improving the conversion rates of websites, promotional practices and understanding what is working and what isn’t. The aim of the course is to provide a solid understanding of modern marketing practices, to improve existing practices and discuss where marketing is likely to move in the future.

    In addition, the short course also features a design skills module: helping to ensure staff are able to correctly utilise design tools (such as the Adobe Suite) to quickly and consistently create outstanding work.

    This Marketing Training Short Course is run by Hector Westropp, a Marketing professional who has worked for world-leading Software and Retail companies in London and Top Marketing Agencies in the South East. Specialities include: Design and Multimedia; Copywriting; Promotions; and Market Research.

    Price for a two day course: £225 + VAT

    Maximum of six to a class. Two day course. Training sessions are held at our training centre in Basildon, Essex. Terms and conditions apply.


    Course Modules

    • Intro to digital marketing

    Leveraging new technology

    Consumer habits – The ‘Hooked’ model

    The power of market research

    • Create stunning artwork

    Web Images – Photoshop

    Print Design – InDesign

    Logos / Vectors – Illustrator

    • Improve Conversions

    Mailchimp – email practices

    Websites – Design principles / Tools

    Behavioural Economics


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    Discussion: Marketing in the Modern Workplace

    How to effectively use time and resources

    Understanding the New

    Breaking the Corporate Spell

    Discussion: Meeting challenges head on


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    Other Training Courses and Options

    In addition to our Marketing Short Course, we also offer additional training in specific marketing areas,


    Vector flat modern icons on sample backgroundOur Photoshop courses cover a range of areas, moving from basic skills such as editing, resizing and altering colours, right through to intermediate skills including green screen production and retouching, right through to advanced filtering, animation, macros and special effects. This course suits users of all different skill levels who are looking to improve their skills. Classes are typically small (around four people) so can be tailored to individual needs.

    • Covers basic skills for day-to-day marketing
    • Intermediate and Advanced Skills introduction
    • Flexible structure with active participation

    £145 + VAT per person with a maximum of 6 to a class. Terms and conditions apply.



    Web Design

    Vector flat modern icons on sample backgroundWeb Design skills cover basic areas, such as web-page design, image management and content creation. Also includes introduction to plug-ins and ecommerce setup. Training courses focus on WordPress and do not typically feature HTML unless requested. This course is perfect for gaining best practice web design

    • Covers basic skills for building and maintaining websites
    • Introduction to eCommerce and best practice web-page design
    • Additional focus on SEO and how to achieve high ranking

    £145 + VAT per person with a maximum of 6 to a class. Terms and conditions apply. Terms and conditions apply.



    Digital Advertising

    Vector flat modern icons on sample backgroundThis short course covers the optimisation of web pages which lead directly to sales. This involves SEO as well as the creation of compelling digital PPC adverts. This also includes how to optimise product pages and checkout processes. Google Adwords is used as the primary advertising tool, with topics covered spanning from A/B testing to extensions and the proper creation of Google Business accounts.

    • Creation of effective PPC campaigns
    • SEO best practice
    • Product page and checkout optimisation

    £145 + VAT per person with a maximum of 6 to a class. Terms and conditions apply.



    Managed Solution User training

    Several TVs with imagesKJL offer a range of Managed Solutions from our partners, many of which are fully supported. We also have solutions which can be managed day-to-day at a user level, which include Exclaimer (Signature Manager) and Sedeo (Digital Screen Advertising). We also provide administration training for other solutions such as Messagestream and full training for KJL solutions (including DQMS-Web and PROStruction)

    • Comprehensive User Training for specific solutions
    • Training for KJL Solutions (inlcuding DQMS-Web and PROStruction)
    • Ensures best practice setup, configuration and user skills

    Pricing on request (Different course lengths depending on the solution)



    One-on-one Marketing Training Essex

    44166058 - 3d realistic businessman cartoon character teaching or holding blank white board isolated in white background. set of vector illustration.

    KJL offer one-on-one training to update specific skills across a number of different areas. This may include how to boost lead generation through classical or digital marketing, best practices and useful tips for creating compelling promotional designs and how to effectively carry out market research.

    • Tailored training to meet specific business needs
    • Ensures best practice approach to future marketing
    • Improve conversation rates and in-house skills

    Pricing on request (Different course lengths depending on the requirements)